Translation of allow in Spanish:


permitir, v.

Pronunciation /əˈlaʊ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(permit)

      to allow sb to + inf permitirle a algn + inf/que + subj

      • don't allow her to talk to you like that
      • she wasn't allowed to see a lawyer
      • if you'll allow me to finish!
      to allow oneself to + inf
      • I shouldn't have allowed myself to get angry
      • he didn't allow himself to be upset by the news
      • to allow sb in/out
      • they were allowed out once a week
      • you may not be allowed back
      • I can't go, I'm not allowed
      smoking is not allowed no se permite fumar
      • no children/animals allowed no se admiten niños/animales
      • Adam reckons I'm not allowed to eat in bed when I move in with him, but we'll see about that.
      • Because we are prepared to allow people to make their own decisions we cannot be sure just quite where those decisions will take them.
      • Faced with these figures, it beggars belief that the Government is prepared to allow people to drink around the clock.
      • Imam said his team would prepare regulations allowing family members to help the visually impaired exercise their political rights.
      • This woman was my therapist and had only agreed to accommodate my neediness by allowing me to watch her ride on a Saturday morning during a competition.
      • We have three of the greatest kids there are, simply because some other people were prepared to allow us to adopt those children.
      • Before we do so, we are prepared to allow you 28 days in which to investigate the position and respond accordingly.
      • So I figure that, if I carry on in that way, I should be allowed to continue to make records, providing the industry allows me to.
      • The council's Community Plan allows residents to get involved to help them draw up policies to shape the future of the borough.
      • The plan is to allow workers to divert some percentage of their payroll taxes into private accounts.
      • However, programmes are not allowed to accept cash or gifts in kind in return for using products.
      • He respected my family name and permitted me to do things that he clearly did not allow others to do.
      • The public is allowed to watch the proceedings, but no questions are permitted.
      • At the rate O'Reilly is going, he'll be the only person allowed to speak in a couple of years.
      • He is the only one allowed to wear that color but the elders are permitted to wear deep blue clothing.
      • They enter South Africa on three-month renewable permits which do not allow them to seek jobs.
      • United Utilities says the permits will allow it to make use of water which would otherwise flow into the River Eamont and River Leven.
      • Some residents of Kirkby Lonsdale have been issued with permits allowing not only themselves but also their visitors to park free for an indefinite time.
      • These state laws grant permits allowing practically any citizen without a criminal record to carry a concealed weapon in public.
      • Susanna only had her learner's permit and wasn't allowed to drive without her parents.
      • Legal powers agreed in 1990 allow officers to enter properties and turn off alarms if the owner fails to do so.
      • David has some interesting things to say about the game, and the morally dubious world it allows you to enter.
      • Thank you for allowing us to enter the throne room of God with our imperfections and doubts.
      • This time no one said anything to me, and I was allowed to enter with no questions asked.
      • St Lucian immigration authorities allowed him to enter the country for a five-day stay.
      • The Salford sailor was issued with a identity card that allowed him to freely enter and leave ports and docks.
      • There are a few people that she allows into her world, including myself.
      • Possibly the best part about it is that the doorman only allows enough people in so that the place feels exciting, not packed.
      • Only a special permit allows trucks above that weight to pass through.
      • If France has a problem with its birth rate, couldn't it just allow more people to immigrate?
      • We have no business allowing 65,000 people to come in from abroad and take their place.
      • Stray cats allowed inside will not be permitted to jump up on or sharpen their claws on the furniture.
      • Vehicles without such a facility permit will not be allowed into the ranks.
      • The council operates a permit scheme to allow vehicles to cross the promenade - at a price.
      • However, where farmers were prepared to allow hill walkers to use their lands they should receive a payment for that.
      • The manager was extremely accommodating, allowing us to roll right up to our table for 10.
      • Mayor Ray Nagin has invited business owners back into the city, and prepared to allow residents to return.
      • Jabin whispered to him, and the man stepped aside, allowing his rather large group in.
      • The werewolf then lowered his pistol and stepped aside, allowing the duo to step into the bank.
      • Katelina pushed her key through the lock, turned it, and shoved the door aside, allowing herself entrance into her house.

    • 1.2(give, grant)

      they allow their daughter too much freedom le dan demasiada libertad a su hija
      • they are allowed an hour for lunch les dan una hora para comer
      • we allow a discount for cash ofrecemos descuento si se paga en efectivo
      • he didn't finish within the time allowed no acabó dentro del plazo concedido
      • I allow myself only two drinks a day solo me permito dos copas por día
      • Further questioning revealed that the purpose was to allow flood water to escape more quickly.
      • The scarf's purpose is to allow the bobbin case hook to get close to the needle eye and catch the thread to form a stitch.
      • The cup of cream for six eggs is there for one purpose only: to allow the recipe to succeed.
      • The extra consultant would allow her department to provide a separate clinic for infected haemophiliacs.
      • A parent's room is provided to allow them to meet in a friendly atmosphere and this will also be a feature of the new school.
      • I put the packs aside and allowed myself another two days to think more about it.
      • There are three questions that must be asked if we are to develop a coherent legal structure that allows a market in lawsuits.
      • The current application asks six personal-essay questions and allows 400 words for each answer.
      • However, patients may need a period of ventilation, as this allows adequate oxygenation.
      • So we'll talk to you as the weather permits and as we allow ourselves time to talk on the cell phone.
      • He argued that he should have been given a record of his speed to allow him to prepare his defence.

  • 2

    (plan for)
    you should allow (yourselves) a good two hours to reach the coast calculen / tengan en cuenta que les va a llevar por lo menos dos horas llegar a la costa
    • please allow two weeks for delivery la entrega se hará dentro de un plazo de dos semanas
    • I generally allow about £50 for spending money normalmente calculo unas 50 libras para gastos
    • allow 6 cm for the hem deje 6 cms para el dobladillo
  • 3

    • 3.1Law

      (claim) allanarse a
      (claim) aceptar
      • The Government has decided not to allow cultural events in the evenings in Lalbagh.
      • Swindon Council's planning committee will decide whether to allow the project to go ahead.
      • Earlier this month the Federal Justice Minister decided to allow the extradition process to begin.
      • Last month, a referendum in Egypt approved constitutional changes allowing competitive elections for the presidency.
      • This created greater economic freedom, as some small-scale private economic activity was allowed.
      • The established socialized enterprises were allowed to contract work in the developing private sphere.
      • In 1994, Mitofsky says, he persuaded South Africa's election authorities from allowing exit polls.
      • The narrow interior roads could be clogged with increasing traffic if commercial activities are allowed.
      • The organisers of this year's Wiltshire Festival have signed on the dotted line to allow the huge event to take place.
      • Only one opposition party was allowed to contest the elections; the others called for a boycott of the elections.
      • Member John Blackie is pushing for changes in the Local Plan to allow barn conversions for local housing.
      • Wenger allows no events other than football to take place on the tight little pitch, where the fans are almost close enough to the players to touch them.
      • At the meeting on Tuesday, a number of detailed conditions were agreed to ensure it is clear what type of activities are allowed in the gardens.
      • No commercial announcements or non Church related activities are allowed as they are prohibited by law.
      • Yu credits his network of creative friends that allowed this event to take place as an example of how we can get involved.
      • Most of all thanks must go to Mary (the licensee) who allowed this event to be possible.
      • They approved the initial event stipulating that if it was successful, they would reconsider allowing a second event to take place the following month.
      • He said members have a plan that will allow churchyard burials to continue ‘for years to come’.
      • The government has already changed its World Heritage management plan, allowing the developments in the south-west national park.
      • The claim takes in farms, rivers and national parks but allows commercial activity to continue.

    • 3.2Sport

      (referee) dar por bueno

    • 3.3formal (concede)

      to allow that reconocer que

      • one has to allow that she has talent
      • The Federal Court has allowed that treatments are patentable.
      • I hesitated, but allowed that we'd do sort of a trial run for a few months.
      • He should have allowed that the British Empire was made out of empty spaces or, in India, collapsing states.
      • The councillor allowed that the skate park as it stood was not satisfactory.
      • If you allowed that it went off by reflex action, you would never succeed.
      • Both counsel for the Crown and her Honour allowed that there was an arguable case.
      • If a body of expert opinion allows that natural cause cannot be excluded as a reasonable possibility, particular caution is required.
      • He said that it might be possible to amend the Coroner's Act to allow for such a provision to be made.
      • In some cases the provision which allows for or requires the thing to be done also prescribes that it must be done personally and not by an agent.
      • Typically, there will be a provision in the rules allowing for their variation from time to time.
      • Its most notable provision allowed for the sale of contraceptives to anyone aged over 18.
      • I cannot see anywhere in the legislation a provision that will allow for the removal of those people.
      • The water towers not only provide water but also allow for crop irrigation.
      • Kirkwall's town centre will be closed next week to allow for road resurfacing works.
      • It's not a programmed flight pattern so much as a road map that allows for diversions.
      • The long road home allowed for a postmortem of the event, and I felt that I should pursue a kind of debriefing with Peter.
      • During the fifties and the sixties more than 100,000 trees were cut down to allow for the enlargement of roads.
      • And, finally, drivers should be aware that they will need to carry cash to allow for toll roads.
      • Officials say the defences will allow for a predicted rise in sea level and be built to blend in with the townscape.
      • This allows for plot twists and epic scope undreamt of in the 90-minute Hollywood story arc.
      • If these wider limits are not allowed for, low volume providers are more likely to be ranked misleadingly at the top or bottom of the group.
      • Life expectancy is adjusted to allow for the fact that people live part of their lives in less than full health.
      • The scheme allows for narrowing the entry and provides for four small bays, two of which will contain a park bench seat.
      • Our goal should be to find ways to allow for smoother orderly traffic flow on our roads.
      • The monitor provides a very good picture as well as allowing for two separate inputs to be used.
      • Even allowing for his inevitable bias, to figure that 17 decisions went against his team suggests something serious was amiss.
      • Full membership also allows for discounted fishing throughout the season.