Translation of allowable in Spanish:


deducible, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈlaʊəb(ə)l/ /əˈlaʊəbl/


  • 1

    (expense) deducible
    allowable against tax desgravable
    • He said the Government had offered them the maximum rates allowable.
    • According to the Costs Grid, an hourly rate of up to $400 is allowable for costs on a substantial indemnity scale.
    • In an honest attempt to fund their retirement accounts, many individuals contribute amounts in excess of the allowable limits.
    • The company has 5,000 of other business expenses, all allowable for Corporation Tax purposes.
    • Members should be aware that all expenditure incurred in deriving exempt income will not be an allowable deduction.
    • Carry back is also useful for people seeking to boost their pension who will contribute the maximum amount allowable in one tax year.
    • A fees officer scrawled "not allowable" next to it.
    • Higher rate taxpayers should get pension tax relief of 42 per cent on these sums up to the maximum relief allowable.
    • Advertising costs and the legal cost of drawing up rental leases are also allowable as deductions.
    • Financial support, and changes in USDE guidelines in allowable expenses, could also be extremely important in minimizing student attrition.
    • But for all employees the maximum pension allowable is two-thirds of "final" salary.
    • If your modified adjusted gross income exceeded the allowable limits, all or some of your contributions could have been non-deductible.
    • There is no charge to participate, and ESPA will provide hotel accommodations and reimbursement for other allowable travel expenses.
    • The cost of these items are a private expense and thus not an allowable deduction.
    • Bank fees, Government duties tax or Debits Tax charged on amounts withdrawn from accounts, where these amounts are used for purposes for which a work-related deduction is allowable.
    • In the case where these items are member - owned, a deduction is allowable for the rental cost to the extent of the work related use.
    • While allowable under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, "these practices were obfuscating the real performance of companies and misleading millions of unsuspecting investors."
    • The first € 1,270 of net gains - gains after allowable prior year and current year capital losses - by an individual in a tax year are exempt.
    • Generally, no tax deduction is allowable in the case of travel between home and work.
    • The allowable rate for claims changes from year to year so check with your accountant or refer to Tax Pack 2000.