Translation of allowance in Spanish:


complemento, n.

Pronunciation /əˈlaʊəns/

Definition of complemento in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(from employer)

      complemento masculine
      sobresueldo masculine
      entertainment allowance complemento para gastos de representación
      • It is likely that the IRS may find issues of concern in the area of taxable fringe benefits, particularly automobile allowances and relocation expenses.
      • My husband gives me an allowance for my own expenses.
      • Then figure out which items you will continue to be responsible for and which expenses you want the allowance to cover.
      • Her salary and benefits, excluding expense allowance, were $502,000.
      • Lay magistrates are not paid for carrying out their duties, but may claim allowances, within specified limits, for travelling, subsistence and financial loss.
      • This money is not part of their base pay - it is an allowance for a specific purpose.
      • Councillors there were paid higher than permitted allowances.
      • The daily allowance for meals and travel within five miles of Westminster will rise from £64 to £75.
      • I have also noted that North Yorkshire councillors are about to pay themselves large allowances plus amounts for child care and dependents.
      • The review panel also wants mobile phone call allowances to be limited to £5 per month.
      • Because any unused portion of a housing allowance is lost, an employee has no incentive to try to bid down the cost of their accommodation.
      • Singh said travel allowance, book grants and other allowances were also increased and a three per cent regional allowance was added.
      • However, StudyLink requires full-time students to complete their courses within 19 weeks to qualify for a student allowance.
      • Opposition parties yesterday hit out at the Government's decision to limit the back-to-work allowance to those who have been unemployed for five years.
      • Entitlements range from parliamentary salaries down to a variety of allowances like the printing allowance.
      • They were making small fortunes through allowances and overtime pay.
      • Councillors are our direct conduits to the corridors of power in Bradford and district, and we should make every effort to use them to our advantage and to make them earn their allowances.
      • They will be given £10 weekly living allowances, and free full board accommodation for a maximum of three months, while the Government helps them to find jobs.
      • City of York Council members receive a basic allowance together with payments which reflect the special responsibilities of the individual member.
      • Volunteers can claim expenses such as mileage or bus fares, and anyone who works a five-hour stint receives a lunch allowance.

    • 1.2(from state)

      prestación feminine
      invalidity/maternity allowance prestación por invalidez/maternidad

    • 1.3(private)

      asignación feminine
      (from parents) mensualidad feminine
      (from parents) mesada feminine Latin America
      • Regardless of how much you give, it's a good idea to regularly disperse the allowance and increase the amount as the child gets older.
      • Since back to school time is rapidly approaching, here are answers to the four most common questions we get from parents about allowances.
      • For example, parents use allowances or dessert to encourage their children to make their beds or eat their dinners.
      • Ally, I was pretty sure, spent most of her money on clothes and other pointless things, though she got a monthly allowance from her parents.
      • Parents would transfer allowance money to their child's credit card.
      • It's as if you are a teenager cussing out your parents before demanding your allowance and the keys to the car.
      • His parents give him an allowance for anything that he may need, but he says that he does not need all that much.
      • In a surprising reversal of roles, a third of the children even give their parents a regular allowance!
      • Jack didn't necessarily want all of that, but he wasn't going to turn down the money his parents gave him in allowance before they ran off to some other meeting or spa.
      • Sue, who lives in Fallowfield, receives a student loan and an allowance from her parents, who also pay for her accommodation.
      • To develop a workable budget with your child, have her divide the total amount of the allowance into three categories: spending, savings, and giving.
      • And in turn, her parents gave her an ultimatum: no extra allowances, and no extra money from them.
      • She threatened me that if I don't eat my lunch, I won't get any allowance from my parents.
      • So if your parents ever offer you an allowance of a penny on the first of the month, two pennies on the second, four pennies on the third, and so on, you should definitely take them up on it!
      • My parents started giving me an allowance, and they said that if I were to go out to the movies or buy Ana anything, I would have to start working for the money.
      • My parents taught me to save the coins of my allowance.
      • That magic that made me save my allowance to buy action figures or role-play as Han Solo on the playground isn't there.
      • My parents don't really give us an allowance, but they let us have however much we want as long as we promise to pay them back.
      • Neither school will say exactly how much it is paying, but you can bet the price is lower than a 12-year-old's allowance.

  • 2

    (free of tax)
    • personal allowance
    • duty-free allowance
    • Everyone is entitled to a personal allowance - the amount you can earn before tax is due - from the day they are born.
    • Duty free allowances are to increase from £140 per person to £1,000.
    • Children all have their own personal allowances, which mean they can earn £4,385 a year before paying any tax.
    • The wives have got some income to mop up personal allowances and lower tax rates, instead of the income all being taxed on Fred and Jim at 40%.
    • But those claimed benefits would materialise only if the tax rate were set low enough and personal allowances set high enough.
    • Simplifying income tax is an idea with wide appeal, and by abolishing special reliefs you could raise personal allowances sharply, taking low incomes out of tax altogether.
    • Everyone has a personal allowance for income tax of £4,895 but if you are working or drawing a pension you are likely to have already used this up.
    • The huge amounts that this would bring in would allow the personal allowance to be raised by a couple of thousand, helping those on low and medium incomes.
    • Personal allowances rise in line with inflation not earnings, so 3.6 million people will pay 40% tax from April.
    • Personal allowances and thresholds will probably be indexed, sucking more people into higher-rate tax as wages rise faster than prices.
    • Higher personal allowances are given to people aged 65 and over and 75 and over.
    • Given the very small increases in personal allowances, will most people in Scotland end up paying more or less tax?
    • It is not, for example, going to point out that you could top up your pension to take advantage of the tax breaks, or transfer some savings into your spouse's name to soak up their personal allowance.
    • Apart from a personal allowance, all other exemptions are abolished.
    • The only concession is that they are entitled to keep their personal allowance.
    • Tax individualisation means that we both have separate tax free allowances (now called tax credits) and separate income rate bands.
    • Although everyone would benefit from an increase in personal allowances, it would lift 10 million out of income tax altogether.
    • For individuals, the flat rate tax is levied on all wages, salaries or pensions, less a personal allowance.
    • As long as the total amount of interest falls within the allowance, then no tax will be payable.
    • Can you tell me when a person aged 75 is given an extra allowance for tax purposes?