Traducción de allude en Español:


Pronunciación /əˈlud/ /əˈl(j)uːd/

verbo intransitivo

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    to allude to sth/sb aludir / referirse a algo/algn
    hacer alusión / referencia a algo/algn
    • In the third part of the book Brueggemann discusses what he calls ‘Unsolicited Testimony,’ or texts which indirectly allude to the nature of Yahweh.
    • However the Chinese, for the past 2,000-odd years, have been expert at alluding indirectly, through historical analogies, to current political events.
    • It may be the case that ‘Gudeman of Ballangeich’ had become a general term for alluding indirectly to a Scottish king, but it is possible that Charles I and Charles Edward were seen as having more in common with James V than Stuart blood.
    • This account alludes only indirectly to the Buddha's original meditative accomplishments before the awakening.
    • I sometimes allow rampant letterfit adjustment (uneven spacing) and excessive glyph scaling to allude to the lack of state-sponsored childcare options.
    • In Puerto Santo Tomás, one born-again fisherman adorned his shack with a biblical scene evidently intended to allude to, in idealized fashion, the stalwart men of the village.
    • In what is perhaps a desire to allude to the baton twirlers of the marching band halftime show, the staging relies too heavily on dancers with giant flowing flags and large, geometrically abstract but still twirlable props.
    • This violates the Establishment Clause, because the tablets allude to the Ten Commandments and thus endorse religion.
    • These lines from ‘The Island’ form a self-indictment of poetic efficacy even as they allude to the biblical maxim that one can not live on bread alone.
    • Meanwhile, the character of Jack Ingroff appears to allude to her ex-fiancé, who won an Oscar.
    • The other two pieces, now lost, are a relief sculpture and Anguished Woman in her Room at Night, which uses the reclining female form and similar spikes as those seen here to allude to mental pain.
    • I alluded to it by mentioning the conservatives' lack of trust.
    • The accompanying booklet notes allude to the hard-won simplicity of Mansurian's language.
    • For instance, Georgette's name may allude to the 1918 German offensive (Operation Georgette) in Belgium.
    • Another larger minnow, Luciosoma bleekeri, has Lao names which allude to its being found in rice paddies.
    • I'd never use this word in polite company, and can barely bring myself to allude to it, even very obliquely.
    • Their names allude to the doomed Antarctic expedition led by Captain Scott, where Oates nobly sacrificed his life in a vain attempt to save Scott and his team.
    • Vampires in particular were a great excuse for Victorian writers to allude to sexuality, which they couldn't mention in any other way.
    • The Times manages to avoid direct joke references to his name, but cunningly alludes to it.
    • Frances did not mention her by name, but she was alluding to the cash settlement her daughter had received from him, which had caused so much bitterness.