Translation of allure in Spanish:


atractivo, n.

Pronunciation /əˈlʊr/ /əˈljʊə/ /əˈljɔː/


  • 1

    atractivo masculine
    encanto masculine
    • Instead, the shadows crept over her, giving her a rather mysterious allure and then soon took off.
    • Despite its romantic allure, gold has historically been a pretty lousy investment.
    • Part of the continuing allure of police action films is the chance to get under the skin of a criminal, to glimpse into an alien world.
    • Few female garments hold as much mystery and allure as the Indian sari.
    • One man who knows, all too well, Everest's seductive allure is British climber Doug Scott.
    • They enthralled us with their accomplishments, their glamour and their allure.
    • The fable of King Midas is one of the prettiest admonitions in classical mythology against the dangerous allure of gold.
    • Do films have any allure for Barry, who has already shown he can cross media with ease?
    • The allure of French actresses has fascinated generations of movie-goers.
    • I hope that fleshing out the mystique hasn't detracted at all from its allure.
    • That she comes across oblivious to her attraction only fortifies her allure.
    • Historic attractions should not take their tourist allure for granted, however.
    • The overall atmosphere created by the film is an important part of its allure.
    • For the League sides however, the Cup run retains its allure as a route to excitement and glamour.
    • In politics the Communist Party had at last lost its allure following the suppression of the Hungarian Revolution.
    • Her weight loss may have made her the paparazzi's delight, but in her husband's eyes, she lost all her original allure.
    • The allure of Tinseltown has always been about escapism.
    • It seems no one is immune to the shimmering allure of the pop industry these days - not even soccer heroes like Niall Quinn.
    • There have been blond sex bombs who were aware of their dubious allure and had the good sense to mock it before anyone else did.
    • In the end, we are all powerless to resist Kidman's allure.

transitive verb

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    • The once pretty and alluring attraction of Little Marlow had been lost.
    • Becky, working as a governess, resorts to her good looks and alluring personality to move up in society.
    • This British duo continues to rock with alluring sensitivity and a plenitude of pop sensibility.
    • Tigers are alluring animals and stories about them always have a magnetic appeal.
    • The free goodies that come along are even more alluring and tempt children to go in for more and more.
    • The label, and subsequently the brand, became known as Blue Nun, featuring a single, alluring nun in a blue habit.
    • His horse reared and he rode down into the grassland to stop before this most alluring girl.
    • She answered him, her husky voice alluring him to her as they crashed through the pit.
    • This is the perfect time of the year to travel to what has to be one of the world's most exotic and alluring islands.
    • She was chestnut-haired, her face bearing some odd and yet alluring familiarity.
    • One widespread corporate tactic is hiring reps who are undeniably alluring and always charming.
    • He never knew the smell of garlic and pepperoni pizza could be so enticing and alluring.
    • In his appearance, in his character, in his whole nature, there was something attractive and elusive which allured women and disposed them in his favour; he knew that, and some force seemed to draw him, too, to them.
    • At first sight, they appear as alluring as a soft-top sports car - glamorous, flash and a little racy.
    • Alaska showed itself to be wild, rugged, unforgiving - yet at the same time alluring and welcoming.
    • According to Endi, the choice of gowns is important in enhancing the jewelry to look more alluring.
    • They strike poses, flash winning smiles and try to make themselves look as alluring as possible.
    • Minarets, markets and menus are alluring, but no visit to Istanbul would be complete without its mosques.
    • But they suspect the lucrative scrap value of the metal frames may have proved alluring to thieves.
    • Randir thought she looked more alluring in the red gown than he had ever seen her before.