Translation of allusion in Spanish:


alusión, n.

Pronunciation /əˈluʒən/ /əˈluːʒ(ə)n/

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    alusión feminine
    allusion to sth alusión a algo
    • We are a people of messages and signals, of allusions and indirect expression.
    • It is the allusions and references that lend charm to this art form.
    • It's interesting to see how many references or allusions to these festivals remain in contemporary Britain.
    • None of Arrino's vague references or allusions had prepared me for what she was saying.
    • The infancy stories in Matthew contain quotations and more indirect allusions to the Moses birth story.
    • This paper focuses on references and allusions to the Prophet in this treatise.
    • JK Rowling is herself a one-time classics student, and her books are littered with classical allusions.
    • While I can often see these allusions in classical music now, at the time I must confess to being completely nonplussed.
    • He makes allusions to poetry, classical music and protest culture.
    • Neither the handiwork nor the Classical allusions are readily apparent in her new paintings.
    • The classical allusions everywhere at work in Versailles would require an educated audience to appreciate them.
    • His portraits already included classical allusions which gained him many patrons among the grand tourist gentry.
    • It was difficult to avoid getting caught up explicating all the biblical allusions in the alphabet.
    • Stuffed with obscure allusions and historical minutia, his novels are not the type you take to the beach.
    • Those who were too young to follow the mythical allusions simply enjoyed the whimsical visuals and infectious music.
    • The recording was full of contemporary and historical allusions, as is the training manual.
    • The allusions to a few recent works of sympathetic labor history in this piece are a genuine consolation.
    • Now these antique allusions add a rarified, elegant seasoning to the work.
    • This is a new collection which gives background information for over 20,000 phrases and allusions in English.
    • In places, the allusions to the entire pantheon of comic-book superheroes is overwhelming.