Translation of alluvium in Spanish:


aluvión, n.

Pronunciation /əˈluviəm/ /əˈl(j)uːvɪəm/

nounplural alluviums, plural alluvia

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    aluvión masculine
    • Many vineyards are located on valley bottoms underlain by alluvium which can provide deep, free-draining soils of variable grain size.
    • The measured soil parameters at the sites were within the normal range for bottomland hardwood soils of Mississippi River alluvium.
    • In the east, which is lower and flatter, river gravels and alluvium from the North Sea have produced dark, rich soils.
    • Some of these low-lying areas, with waterlogged deposits blanketed by alluvium, have provided good evidence for Roman farming.
    • The upper region of the Camargue, blessed with rich alluvium soil, has been cultivated since the Middle Ages.