Translation of ally in Spanish:


aliado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈælaɪ/ /ˈalʌɪ/

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nounplural allies

  • 1

    aliado masculine
    aliada feminine
    the Allies los Aliados
    • Many Jews had fought for the Allies during World War Two and had developed their military skills as a result.
    • It was the first battle won by the Allies in World War Two and Hitler never won a battle after that.
    • Rochdale could be justly proud of the role it played in helping the Allies to victory in World War Two.
    • The war in Africa was to play a key role in the overall success of the Allies in World War Two.
    • Already decorated with an Iron Cross, Gecas was later decorated for fighting for the Allies.
    • It was now clear: the Allies were fighting an undeclared war against the Bolsheviks.
    • Other nations that fought for the Allies offered their support for the declaration.
    • This skirmish against the Allies was fought just outside Paris, to the east of the city.
    • For the rest of the war the Allies were to fight under a single overall command.
    • This left Germany with only sixty divisions with which to repel the Allies on the Western Front.
    • How did the German experience of World War One trench warfare differ from that of the Allies?
    • After the Nazi surrender, the Allies and Russia met at Potsdam, a suburb of Berlin.
    • A renewal of the war was unavoidable, and the Allies promptly formed the Seventh Coalition.
    • Montgomery wanted the Allies to use the power they had to get to Berlin before the Russians.
    • The most significant result of the raid was on morale, as the Allies had had few big victories to that date.
    • Roosevelt and Stalin had not yet met, but as Allies they could be shown together.
    • What the Allies had not expected was that while they were preparing to win the long war, France would lose a short one.
    • The Allies would not negotiate with a country that had plunged Europe into war twice in 30 years.
    • If the Allies could acquire those machines and their keys, it would be a major help in decrypting Enigma.
    • If the Allies controlled the rail junction, they could supply their own men.

reflexive verb allies, allying, allied

  • 1

    to ally oneself with sb aliarse con / a algn
    to ally oneself to sb aliarse con / a algn
    → see also allied