Translation of alma mater in Spanish:

alma mater

Pronunciation /ˌɑlmə ˈmɑdər/ /ˌalmə ˈmɑːtə/ /ˌalmə ˈmeɪtə/


(Alma Mater)
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    my/his alma mater mi/su (antigua) universidad
    • These schools are Kallis’ ‘Alma Mater’: Wynberg Boys High in Cape Town, Selborne College in East London, Maritzburg College in Pietermaritzburg and Pretoria Boys High in Pretoria.
    • I could get used to Melbourne as an Alma Mater (the weekend turned out to be a wonderful period of revelation in this regard, but more on that later).
    • For the first time since I’ve graduated, I can say that I am proud of my alma mater.
    • Maintain contact with one's Alma Mater as a means of extending one's business and engineering network.
    • Wackadoo's Grub & Brew was designed to target the college community by creating an atmosphere of pride and tradition in one's Alma Mater.