There are 2 main translations of almighty in Spanish

: almighty1Almighty2


todopoderoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ɔlˈmaɪdi/ /ɔːlˈmʌɪti/


  • 1

    almighty God, God almighty Dios todopoderoso
    • The fact that he has seen the dawning of the sun in the morning means that the almighty power of God is already protecting him.
    • Why would Thomas transcend to a godlike state if he detests almighty power?
    • The salvation of sinners does not depend on the way we state the truth, but on the almighty power of God.
    • These sages of finance obviously forget that the incessant need for the almighty dollar usually steps on the toes of morality.
    • As custodian of the almighty dollar, the United States would provide liquidity to the system.
    • They became corrupt and would do anything for the almighty dollar.
    • The worshipful culture of the almighty dollar leads to passive acceptance of such trends.
    • It's time to give some other groups with new ideas who don't worship at the feet of the almighty dollar a chance.
    • Everyone is ultimately motivated by self-interest and the pursuit of the almighty dollar.
    • All around him lesser mortals have given up the true faith to follow the almighty dollar, pound, or Euro.
    • Yes, there are actually more important things in life than the almighty dollar!
    • In two recent cases, public artworks have been at odds with religion and the almighty dollar.
    • Don't you think that Katie's open letter at least deserves some kind of response from the almighty corporation?
    • The almighty blogosphere has brought the press to its knees once again.
    • One Princeton educated chap was quite shocked to hear that we had our own currency and that we didn't use the almighty Green Back!
    • Yes, the almighty American Buck has been waved in front of the proverbial noses of the planet and even I can smell the money.
    • Monty said the service indicates gender roles are changing, but ultimately it comes down to the almighty rupiah.
    • My oh my, how that must irritate this part-time demagogue in the almighty press.
    • But next week we'll all have something to smile about, thanks be to almighty Brian.
    • But in professional sports, the almighty buck isn't as almighty as everyone thinks.
  • 2informal

    (huge, great)
    tremendo informal
    he's an almighty bore es un plomazo informal
    • We were playing outside in the garden this afternoon when there was an almighty roar in the sky.
    • The aspirin he had taken had finally started to kick in, and disintegrate his almighty hangover.
    • An almighty roar of celebration, relief and happiness erupted upon the decks of the Devil Star as the ship emerged from warp space.
    • But they departed the stage just ahead of Macca and Bono's entrance and an almighty roar from the crowd.
    • Just as the film began to get interesting, they heard an almighty crash of thunder and the next thing they knew the electricity cut off.
    • I was woken up this morning by an almighty crash of thunder, there being an almighty storm outside.
    • An almighty crack and a noise like thunder sounded from the end of the tunnel and rumbled down to their ears.
    • Seizing the massive iron handles, he gave an almighty yank, drawing back out of the way.
    • With an almighty boom, the laser detonates, tearing a huge chunk of the warship's hull away as it goes.
    • There was a strike that looked almost like a fireball and then an almighty power surge.
    • Sydney glared balefully, but her resolve crumbled under the power of the almighty puppy dog eyes.
    • Their size certainly belies their power as the pair make an almighty racket with just drums and guitar.
    • Maybe he could really flip himself over with an almighty heave?
    • And what an almighty car crash of a series it promises to be.
    • It seemed that there was no breath, no alive creature in the street, just almighty wind and infinite rain.
    • The piece of rock hit the floor with an almighty bang.
    • When we returned in the evening, they produced an almighty spread of homemade cakes and scones and fancies of all kinds.
    • At 2pm on Tuesday another almighty noise will reverberate around the Cotswolds and to all jockeys it will be music to the ears.
    • All this was made worse when she hit a wave front-on and was lifted out of the water, only to crash down again with an almighty splash.
    • I was puzzling - and chuckling to myself - over this when suddenly the air was filled with an almighty BOOM.

There are 2 main translations of Almighty in Spanish

: almighty1Almighty2



  • 1

    the Almighty el Todopoderoso
    • I guess the Almighty was saying Happy Mother's Day is His own way to all the Mothers in the world.
    • We know that freedom is the Almighty's gift to every man and woman in this world.
    • The event started with the sweet little voices of the children invoking the blessings of the Almighty.
    • Stay safe and remember to spend even a short moment quietly with the Almighty, He who governs and rules all.
    • He constantly had a faraway look in his eyes as if he was in constant direct communication with the Almighty.
    • Every night she prays and finds the Almighty uncommonly accommodating.
    • Sadly for her, the Almighty wasn't listening - or He simply couldn't hear her above the din.
    • Why they didn't burn the home down can only be explained by the grace of the Almighty.
    • But it is true that the Almighty did miss a perfect opportunity for some divine intervention.
    • The Almighty calls them to office but ministers of all faiths are seeking to be recognised as employees of man as well as God.
    • This is an irony which shames us in the presence of Allah, the Almighty and most worthy of praise.
    • There was a respectful pause as the Senior Prayer Officer waited for the Almighty to give him his attention.
    • When none appeared, it dawned on him that the Almighty didn't work that way.
    • If true, this suggests that the Almighty has far too much time on his hands.
    • If we comics down here are made in God's image, then the Almighty must be a right laugh.
    • I'd pray to the almighty that a miracle occurred and Catholics and Anglicans stood shoulder to shoulder.
    • In this way, every action you take or every value you have carries its own endorsement from the almighty.
    • In her acceptance speech, the winner thanked the almighty and promised to do even better at the all-India level.
    • Do not let your faith in the almighty and his messenger go away.
    • God does not have to display all his power to show who he is as the almighty.