Translation of almond in Spanish:


almendra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑ(l)mənd/ /ˈæ(l)mənd/ /ˈɑːmənd/

Definition of almendra in Spanish


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    almendra feminine
    • Crunchy goodies such as peanuts, almonds and sunflower seeds are packed with amino acids.
    • Well, I will be talking about the wonder of nuts, and actually four nuts in particular - the chestnut, almond, walnut and pecan.
    • Hazelnuts, both in the dough and praline, can be substituted with other nuts such as almonds, walnuts or pecans.
    • Scoop in piles of cashews, almonds, macadamias, walnuts, pumpkin seeds or whatever you please.
    • To produce the paste, blanched kernels of sweet almonds are ground, mixed with water and sugar, and cooked to a smooth consistency.
    • Decorate with the cinnamon sticks, and if you fancy, almonds and sesame seeds.
    • Nuts especially high in vitamin E include almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and pecans.
    • It came with a wonderful rice pilaf, dotted with raisins, plump cranberries, nuts, seeds and thinly sliced almonds.
    • Beat the butter, sugar, ground almonds and almond essence together and whiz until just mixed.
    • Flies hover above baskets of locally grown almonds and dried fruits.
    • The 4,000 members of the co-op produce one third of the almonds grown in the world.
    • The small almonds that grow in China are also slightly bitter and contain a toxic substance if not processed properly.
    • Add texture by stirring in rolled oats, dried herbs, or ground almonds.
    • Vitamin E found in almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts also reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
    • Nuts, like the almonds and walnuts shown above, add the crunch that even fall salads need.
    • Kate, one of the make up artists had a Tupperware box full of cashew nuts and almonds.
    • Mix in the almond and poppy seed paste and simmer.
    • Serve the rice hot, in a mound, with the pine nuts, pistachios and almonds sprinkled on top.
    • Generally, if you are grinding whole almonds, one cup would yield approximately one half-cup ground almonds.
    • If you're feeling peckish you should know that they serve almonds, macadamia nuts and green wasabi peas for snacks.
  • 2also almond tree

    almendro masculine