Translation of almost in Spanish:


casi, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈɔlˌmoʊst/ /ˈɔːlməʊst/

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  • 1

    that's almost 100 miles away from here eso está a casi 100 millas de aquí
    • it's almost ten years since we last met hace casi diez años que no nos vemos
    • I'm almost ready estoy casi listo
    • you almost killed me! ¡casi me matas!
    • did you win? — almost ¿ganaste? — casi / por poco
    • you're almost certainly right casi con seguridad que tienes razón
    • That's the gem that one of her pet dogs almost ate when she lost it in a hotel room.
    • A guy made a dash for the train door and the door almost closed but he pried it open.
    • I gave him a bone off of one of the plates earlier as a reward and he almost ate the whole thing.
    • She was prepared to put up with almost anything in order not to have to face up to her past.
    • To our west, the great sheet of ice that stretched before us was almost too much to take in.
    • We had gone out for a couple of hours and when we returned the fire was almost out.
    • Add it all up and in almost every city in the UK it is now cheaper to rent than to buy.
    • If you pick up an injury which almost costs you the whole season it is very frustrating.
    • The waters of Loch an Eilean were flat calm and the stillness of the air almost eerie.
    • He could sit down with a drawing pad and sketch out almost every movement of a game.
    • The van almost ground to a halt as it scraped along the passenger side of my vehicle.
    • Some of the lads have come and gone, but we've got a hard core who almost always turn up.
    • In fact, what they need almost as much as help with the shopping is someone to chat to.
    • It was found almost one in five workers lost at least an hour at work a week because of delays.
    • He is smoking a pipe, and it almost goes without saying that he is wearing a dark suit.
    • By the time my reply was ready to send back almost an hour had passed and it was midnight.
    • It was almost as if the local wildlife had decided to put on a show just to entertain us.
    • On the fifth he drove it in a creek to the left and almost broke his club hacking it out of there.
    • They now have to spend almost as much time at the station as they do out on the streets.
    • There was almost a sense that if we did not say the word the problem would go away.