Translation of alone in Spanish:


solo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈloʊn/ /əˈləʊn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(without others)

      at last we're alone por fin solos
      • I want to be alone with you quiero estar a solas contigo
      • I felt all alone me sentí muy solo
      • She knew her mother wouldn't approve of them spending an evening at home alone together.
      • The pressure inside the container is the sum of the pressures that each gas would exert if it were present alone.
      • Did he not know that it was unsafe to walk alone in the present circumstances?
      • But it was so large I could not eat it all, and dining alone there was no-one else to assist!
      • Do you and the missus talk about directing when you're alone together, I ask, the arched eyebrow obvious in my voice.
      • That sounds very much like a bribe, but Pearson insists that adults need time when they can be together alone.
      • It was the first time James and I had been together alone for over six years.
      • That winter the two writers were alone together for the first time, but it was not an idyllic experience.
      • There were a lot of opportunities for them to be alone together discussing her graduation project.
      • Once they are alone together, Harry is surprised to find himself drawn to Erica for all the right reasons.
      • After a show, when it was just the two of us alone together, he would leap up in the air three times to tell me how much he liked the work.
      • Don't you notice the tension between the two whenever they're left alone together?
      • It was going to be up to me to see that Patty and Folsom weren't ever left alone together.
      • We hit the streets of L.A. to do nothing but shop and spend time alone together - that was the plan.
      • Even as very young children they would sit quietly alone and talk together.
      • Today was the first time we'd ever been alone together when one of your stooges wasn't listening in.
      • After nearly two months we were finally alone together again but he made no effort to kiss me this time.
      • They'd been alone together, almost as if they were in their own private little world.
      • Most of the time Brady joined them, but there were plenty of times for them to be together alone.
      • In contrast to the cluttered runner up pages, the winning designs are presented alone.
      • He raised four children alone as a single father and is now an independent consultant.
      • Why will we now have single officers on duty alone at night in prisons?
      • It was the work of a single individual, working alone and in secret.
      • They can usually purchase media on more favourable terms than a single company acting alone.
      • She has merit and has achieved thigh power alone and unaided.
      • Many Alto programs can be controlled with the mouse alone independent of a keyboard.
      • On a very serious note, I just don't know how single parents cope with this alone.
      • Raising a family alone can provide a host of obstacles, so single parents are clubbing together to help each other out.
      • He had been manning a guard post alone.
      • What kind of doctors are we training who have never had to undertake a clinic unaided or cope alone with an unexpected event during surgery?
      • Neither approach alone can begin to present a complete picture of the writers involved.
      • Both work fantastically well alone but together they're unbeatable.
      • No one will be asked to work alone but together great things can be achieved.
      • Both women were sopranos, and we saw them sing alone and together a number of times.
      • It is by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more together than we achieve alone.
      • It is for the participating individuals alone to decide what the terms of their marriage shall be.
      • Only candidates who secure more than 50 per cent of the votes alone must be declared elected.
      • Trudy called in desperation, but she had flown off to let Trudy face this test alone.

  • 2

    to be alone in sth/-ing


  • 1

    (without others)
  • 2

    the choice is yours alone la elección es solo tuya
    • you and you alone are responsible tú eres el único responsable
  • 3

    (without addition)
    their kitchen alone is bigger than my apartment ya solo la cocina es más grande que todo mi apartamento
    • that one book alone sold two million copies solo de ese libro se vendieron dos millones de ejemplares
    • I believe this factor alone constitutes appropriate circumstances for allowing a premium.
    • Our genes are not the product of our present environment alone, but also of all the environments our genetic ancestors experienced.
    • There are some cars whose names alone present a serious obstacle to the potential buyer.
    • In the UK alone, indies together account for a quarter of record sales.
    • He sacked six of these in the a single season alone and appointed no fewer than 23 in his 16 years as club president.
    • How many different stories are happening right there alone at a single given moment?
    • These might seem sufficient reason alone for joining the single currency.
    • Gone are the days of single sales alone getting bands to the much coveted number one position.
    • Variability is increased in a wider region of the chromosome than expected for a single locus alone.
    • But to judge them on the basis of that single alone would be unjust, for the rest of the album is just as impressive.
    • On the basis of parsimony alone the single ancestor theory seems highly likely.
    • In the last two weeks alone there has been a plethora of new albums and singles.
    • The limestone bath alone costs £10,000 and is cast from a single piece of stone shipped from Turkey.
    • What emerges of interest in a single publication is rarely the photography alone.
    • For this single reason alone it is a most welcome addition to Indian film literature.
    • This single incident alone would be enough to give him nightmares for a couple weeks.
    • This reconstruction of events is something that cannot be accomplished through participant observation alone.
    • Don't expect cleaning solutions alone to remove large particles of hardened mortar.
    • But that alone is not particularly edifying and so I do want to go into a little more detail.
    • The second concerns exchange value alone; in particular, the question of how it is possible for a capitalist to make a profit.