Translation of aloof in Spanish:


distante, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈluf/ /əˈluːf/


  • 1

    (person/attitude) distante
    • I consider myself warm and friendly, but I act cool and aloof with other people.
    • We keep our distance, lower our expectations, stay cool, aloof, and separate.
    • For the remainder of the night, she was very quiet, much to her friends' protests for being aloof and distant.
    • And likewise, I try to remain a little distant and aloof, and not reveal too much of myself and my ditziness.
    • Lewis, charming and avuncular, is far easier to relate to than the aloof and distant Freud.
    • It's really hard to be cool and aloof here if some little pill makes you bawl about everything.
    • He's like Han Solo in Armani, ultra cool, aloof and with a sardonic put down for every occasion.
    • I sat down next to her and tried to strike up a conversion about old times - but she was aloof and distant.
    • When he first came into the job, he was viewed as cool, aloof and intelligent.
    • Staying out of the media spotlight can lead to accusations of being aloof or distant or smug.
    • People who had not attended any of the prior gatherings came and while some were friendly, others were aloof.
    • Napoleon appears most distant and aloof in his demeanour when considered from his right side, from which point the eyes are least visible.
    • If you don't really know him, you might think he's a little distant, aloof, but he's not at all.
    • He was much more approachable with his cool, aloof expression replaced by a mild, slightly humorous smirk.
    • Tessa's tone was cool and aloof, but Rogers could sense the apprehensive undertone.
    • Sometimes he seemed on edge, about ready to explode at her in anger, but there were also times that he could be cool and aloof.
    • He's so aloof and distant that it somehow draws people to him.
    • Michael did not suffer fools gladly and could seem aloof and distant at times, but this was his rather old-world formality.
    • Hiding behind a shag of brown hair, Yorn was all at once charming, aloof, cool and engaging.
    • It might be thought that I am aloof, smug, emotionally cool or that I believe that I am better than anyone else.