Translation of alpha male in Spanish:

alpha male

macho alfa, n.


  • 1

    macho alfa masculine
    macho dominante masculine
    • The alpha male finished his final bourbon and dropped some change by way of a tip.
    • His rivals have been industrious in meeting this need, jostling each other in their attempts to stake their claim as the silver screen's ultimate alpha male.
    • His colleague and ideological soulmate (at least in terms of economics), the Minister for Finance, has made his own bold bid for recognition as the cabinet's leading right-wing alpha male.
    • Exhausting games of one-upmanship with the office alpha male?
    • Randy is clearly the alpha male on this tour.
    • The alpha male will always grab as much space as he can - whatever he does for a living.
    • And I have come to agree with the alpha male: lies are necessary for survival.
    • He is undoubtedly the alpha male of the clan, whose charisma and anecdotes occupy much of the resulting taped interview.
    • Like all problems of group dynamics among men, this can be resolved by the example of the alpha male.
    • Scottish actors are a peculiarly reticent species, but he is the alpha male.
    • Comparison of the six categories of leaders reveals a number of interesting similarities and differences between them, showing the importance of the interaction between the presumably universal drive to became the alpha male and the cultural and political context.
    • With his dark blazer, gray slacks and power-red tie, his entire being screams "alpha male," as does his body language.
    • I was laughing to myself about our attempts to be the alpha male over something so trivial.
    • Second off, how can you know how to please an alpha male if you don't even know how to please yourself?
    • I see this this elderly lady standing near a seat occupied by this twenty-something undergraduate-type alpha male.
    • I have no problem in chatting up beautiful women, and I am in certain cases the assertive alpha male.
    • Of course seeing that he was this alpha male he clearly felt I was no competition for him.
    • When one of these alpha males left to get some water, a competitor snatched his coveted position.
    • People who run for office and like power are alpha males.
    • If they are indeed candidates, this election could turn into the battle of the 50-something alpha males.