Translation of alphanumeric in Spanish:


alfanumérico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌælfən(j)uˈmɛrɪk/ /ˌalfənjuːˈmɛrɪk/


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    (character/text) alfanumérico
    • An average person sits with hands at or near an alphanumeric keyboard in perusing material on the Internet, and is thus equally in a position at each moment to write or to read, both of which are normally carried out by means of the same screen.
    • The screen is a 160 × 160 backlit LCD, and the 55-key alphanumeric keypad comprises the bulk of the device's front face.
    • This is a talking, laptop-style, battery-operated, electronic learning aid with an alphanumeric keyboard and a full dot matrix LCD screen which provides clear animated pictures.
    • SMS is a technology that allows sending and receiving alphanumeric text messages to and from mobile phones.
    • You use the remote's alphanumeric keypad and music control buttons to enter the network's password.
    • Most of the information I crave is specific and textual; and since most specific text information involves more than one word in a row, I'm usually looking for alphanumeric strings.
    • But voice over IP doesn't require phone numbers - it uses IP addresses mapped to alphanumeric names.
    • Based on this information, the software creates an alphanumeric code and transmits this code to Symantec through the internet.
    • He encourages family members to use alphanumeric passwords with at least eight characters.
    • I've been reading a lot of stuff recently about how alphanumeric passwords will slowly disappear in favour of systems based on fingerprint or iris recognition.
    • Unlike the traditional pager, two-way pagers can transmit and receive alphanumeric messages.
    • Subjects were assigned alphanumeric identifiers specific to their groups.
    • Large-character printing products provide superior bar-code resolution on cartons and shipping containers, as well as logos, graphies and alphanumeric images.
    • ‘Really, though, you can't just give a ship some alphanumeric designation and call it good enough,’ I argue, settling myself down in the captain's seat.
    • The simplest regular expression is a plain alphanumeric string.
    • A domain name is an alphanumeric name for a computer that typically has meaning to users and is converted automatically to an IP address by the domain name server system.
    • Specifically, his survey posits a basic question: Do graphic displays offer a cognitive advantage over alphanumeric presentation of the same information?
    • Using alphanumeric passwords increases the number of possible password combinations by millions.
    • The concept of literacy, or more appropriately, symbolic literacy, should include more than the ability to encode and decode alphanumeric symbols; it should include these other types of external symbols as well.
    • In use the standard layout only extends to the alphanumeric keys; the extras you would normally find grouped separately are integrated as part of the main key interface which can be very confusing.