Translation of already in Spanish:


ya, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌɔlˈrɛdi/ /ɔːlˈrɛdi/


  • 1

    I've already been there, I've been there already ya he estado allí
    • I've already seen the play ya he visto la obra
    • I already saw the play ya he visto la obra
    • they've already met ya se conocen
    • the others had already left los demás ya se habían ido
    • are you back already? ¿ya estás de vuelta?
    • they've made an already difficult situation worse han empeorado una situación que ya era difícil
    • Lari was asking for an answer to a question that she already knew the answer to.
    • Other deals that are already in the public arena are also picking up steam again.
    • Workers have been offered a hefty redundancy package as part of a deal already on the table.
    • After learning that Susan has already viewed the place they start to ask her questions.
    • A careful parent will not ask a question of a child unless the answer is already known.
    • We can add these to the displays we already have and hopefully answer a few questions.
    • I think you will have already made up your mind about her from previous performances.
    • There is no point bringing more laws in when we are so soft with the laws we already have.
    • That trust was repaid with an offer no different from those which had already been refused.
    • Any students who already had been given a place would keep it, regardless of regrades.
    • Many people are paying large sums of money for services which they are already entitled to.
    • Overtime is already used and efforts are being made to recruit a more diverse workforce.
    • What we have done in the past has already proved successful at Rennes and at Lyon.
    • The only thing going for it was its railway heritage, already fading into the past.
    • Rerina folded the clothes that were already done earlier and set them on the side.
    • It would simply be more vicious treatment on top of what she has already suffered.
    • She had already amassed four dustbins before the recent delivery of her wheeled bin.
    • There is a campaign to have his face added to the four already carved into Mount Rushmore.
    • As already mentioned, one of the possible throwbacks to the past is our love of swimming.
    • I was kind of relieved it was all a dream, as I was in enough trouble with the law already.