Translation of alter in Spanish:


cambiar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɔltər/ /ˈɔːltə/ /ˈɒltə/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (text/situation) cambiar
    (text/situation) modificar
    (text/situation) alterar
    (garment) arreglar
    (change style) reformar
    we'll have to alter our plans vamos a tener que cambiar de planes
    • that does not alter the fact that you lied to us el hecho es que nos mentiste
    • he was greatly altered estaba muy cambiado
    • The English ruling class was wiped out and the character of the nation altered forever.
    • Digitally alter all the alien characters so they have 2 heads because that would look so cool.
    • During the course of the show, he altered the character of two sculptures by revising the installation.
    • Like McEwan's Amsterdam, Atonement and Enduring Love, Saturday turns on a single event that forever alters its characters' lives.
    • The emulsifying chemical then alters the chemical composition of the fat so that it is turned into soap.
    • Any amount of habitat that is destroyed or altered would have a significant impact.
    • Chronic exposure of skin to sunlight substantially alters the biochemical composition and architecture of the dermis.
    • Where vegetation composition is altered and floral richness threatened, the results will ultimately be felt by us all.
    • One hypothesis is that they actually alter the chemical composition of the atmosphere, thus playing a role in ozone depletion and the climate on Earth.
    • Even now, genetic screening has the potential to alter the genetic composition of the population.
    • In many cases, human actions may merely alter the character of habitats rather than eliminate them.
    • Grid prices and feed costs alter target composition and marketing date of feedlot cattle.
    • Nonetheless, a Confucian moral point is made in this tale in that exemplary behaviour is shown to alter a person's character.
    • One would presume that any significant change would alter the power balance within the party.
    • The change in plans, however, altered the application to funding bodies like the Lottery Heritage Fund and the bid to secure the cash failed.
    • There was no man in sight and as she busied herself around the house, Rod altered his plans.
    • Residents' concerns over excessive traffic in Burdon Lane could soon be addressed if councillors back new plans to alter traffic signals.
    • The direction of a reaction can usually be controlled by altering the conditions of the reaction.
    • The family has been undergoing major structural changes that are altering women's roles.
    • Language change may be a general feature of wartime, yet the way in which words are altered differs from war to war.
  • 2US informal, euphemistic

    • The humane society will alter kittens as young as eight weeks of age.

intransitive verb

  • 1