Translation of alter ego in Spanish:

alter ego

amigo íntimo, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɔltər ˈiɡoʊ/ /ˌɒltər ˈiːɡəʊ/ /ˌɔːltər ˈiːɡəʊ/


  • 1

    (intimate friend)
    (man) amigo íntimo masculine
    (woman) amiga íntima feminine
    • So he wants someone to love, and he's invited all his friends and/or alter egos to sing with him…haven't we heard this before?
    • He was my father, my mentor, my alter ego, my irreplaceable best friend.
  • 2

    (other self)
    alter ego masculine
    otro yo masculine
    • The work also has affinities with Rodney Graham's filmic, psychological explorations of the self, in which the artist assumes various personae or alter egos.
    • He had become a poet of alter egos, personae such as ‘Mathios Paskalis’ and ‘Stratis the Seafarer.’
    • David Bowie has been recording popular music for well over 35 years, gaining initial notoriety for his multiple personalities and alter egos after ‘A Space Oddity.’
    • Avatars, or alter egos that people create for on-line games or singles spaces, would no doubt confirm his beliefs about the self-seduction of the masses by simulations.
    • Now when the team sinks without trace you start to wonder about alter egos and bipolar personalities.
    • A psychiatrist advised the police that there was no generally accepted psychiatric disease which would permit a person to blame an alter ego.
    • As it turns out, Dr. Jekyll has invented a chemical formula that can turn a person into his alter ego.
    • Was this person Mandy's alter ego, a woman they never knew?
    • Many times one gets the impression he would rather live life as his schizoid alter ego, a sulky, moody 12-year-old trapped in a man's body.
    • Cooper says he wanted to see if people's real lives were echoed in their digital alter egos in role-playing environments.
    • It's the first try to get the message over that Dracula was a real person and in no way less brutal than his fictional alter ego.
    • Quality leather and period clothing is required, as is a unique registered Cowboy Action name to match your cowboy alter ego.
    • He excels when playing the unselfish alter ego of his actual character as he tries to win back the heart of his lost love through familiar romantic gestures of old.
    • This second figure suggests an alter ego who is critical of the housewife's servile predicament.
    • It seems, then, that there is uncertainty from the start as to whether the apparently original self or its alter ego is the double in question.
    • Jekyll ends up unleashing the worst of his personality and physically transforms into his evil alter ego, Mr Hyde.
    • I rejected the idea of using my alter ego film character for the interview, after all he never sold any of my films - why have him screw up the interview?
    • Pee-Wee was an instant hit, and became something of an alter ego for Reubens - there was no separating the character and the man behind it.
    • Princess Ai is a great character because she feels like my alter ego, but in a fantasy setting.
    • Valen's counterfeit mutated into a destructive alter ego that was usually kept safely secluded in the subconscious.