Translation of alternate in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɔltərnət/ /ɔːlˈtəːnət/ /ɒlˈtəːnət/


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    (every second)
    she works alternate Tuesdays trabaja un martes sí y otro no
    • we cook on alternate evenings cocinamos una noche cada uno
    • write on alternate lines escriba dejando un renglón por medio
    • Every second window has been screwed closed, with alternate windows to be opened periodically to aerate the interior.
    • My second and third exercises are dumbbell preacher curls and seated alternate dumbbell curls, and again I supinate or pronate appropriately.
    • My father took me to the Marina every alternate day and buried me hip deep in the sand.
    • From Tuesday, starting in Sedgley Park, Bury Council has launched its new phase of doorstep recycling which involves collecting residual waste which is not recyclable on an alternate weekly rota.
    • It will see standard grey household waste bins being emptied fortnightly instead of weekly, while new green wheeled bins for garden waste are collected on alternate weeks from 60,000 homes in the city.
    • At the start of every year Newtown travel to Ballybunion and Lough Gur in Limerick on alternate Sunday mornings, running the dunes in Ballybunion and the steep hills that overlook the old crannogs in Lough Gur.
    • Solumediol 500 mg was given on alternate days.
    • If you are getting tired of KD and plain rice on alternate nights, look into Masala's vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian cooking courses.
    • Under level three restrictions, outdoor water use is limited to hand-held hoses for one hour between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm on alternate days.
    • The change to Level 3 restrictions came into effect from Saturday, and means people can now use a hand-held hose for 60 minutes in the evening on alternate days.
    • The proposals could see the standard rubbish collection being replaced by a ‘greener’ system, with household rubbish and recyclables picked up on alternate weeks.
    • Meanwhile, downstairs, Kendal collective FUNKTION will take over each Friday night with Tom Townley sharing alternate Fridays with Gaz Dawson and Luke Channon.
    • She insists that she will only have a conversation with me if we do alternate lines of a sonnet.
    • ‘Now it is a case of collecting the two different types of bins on alternate weeks,’ he said.
    • The church is entered via a Norman south porch with a door of eight continuous orders, alternate bands of which are carved with biblical scenes.
    • Olivia agreed to continue therapy on an alternate week schedule.
    • The child resides with each of the parents for alternate periods of one week, to continue in sequence.
    • At the same time, you may be better off emphasizing one over the other during alternate training cycles.
    • My concern, and that of my neighbours, is the alternate weeks collection cycle.
    • What they desire is an India-England series on a home and away four-year cycle (series in alternate years) like the current Ashes series so a brand can effectively be developed.
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    (happening by turns)
    alternate depression and elation períodos alternos de depresión y euforia
    • The former Turk deftly slid in front of me, eyes shadowed, face thrown into alternate patterns of light and dark.
    • The behaviors of binging and then purging are often performed in secrecy, and are accompanied by alternate feelings of shame followed by relief.
    • The alternate North and South checkerboard pattern widen the blood vessels to increase blood circulation to the affected area and increase lymphatic flow.
    • Caudel ferry, coloured with saffron, might be solid enough to slice, and was sometimes served in a dish in alternate quarters with blancmange to make a yellow and white pattern.
    • People imbued with intensely tribal values often alternate between manic activism and depressed fatalism.
    • The examiner reads a series of alternate letters and numbers.
    • The ground was covered with square granite slabs of alternate black and light grey resembling a large carpet and there were granite chairs fixed at strategic points, and a round granite table in the middle.
    • Lines are another design trend - and they don't have to be horizontal or vertical as Jonathan Aston's Chevy proves: it features V-shaped chevrons in alternate black and red.
    • Residents in Pickering are so fed up with alternate standard and ‘green’ waste collections every fortnight that hundreds have signed a petition calling for a return to the old system.
    • Continue this exercise with alternate resting of each eye and you will find that you can keep your eyes open for longer periods without losing the improved vision.
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    (leaves/flowers) alterno
    • Ulmus pumila is a woody species with monopodial branching and alternate leaves.
    • The upright stems have many, alternate, pinnately compound leaves with sharply toothed or lacerate leaflets.
    • Although the shapes of mums vary depending on their species, they usually have stems sporting multi-branches with alternate leaves.
    • Leaves are alternate, ovate or ovate-elliptical with a short pedicel and three or four lateral veins.
    • The southern magnolia has alternate leaves, 4 to 5 inches wide and 5 to 10 inches long.
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    (angles) alterno
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transitive verb

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intransitive verb

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    he alternated between hope and despair oscilaba entre la esperanza y la desesperación
    • Individuals were assayed in an alternating fashion to correct for any fluctuations in environmental conditions over the course of the day.
    • Back then it was just Ben and Dale forever in their twenties, driving always down country roads in old trucks, alternating between rage and wild openness.
    • The zebra's coat alternates in contrasting areas of light and dark pigmentation.
    • The scenes alternated between soldiers on a ship in the invasion and the home of an American soldier.
    • Roald notes that rehearsals have alternated between hilarity and tears.
    • His hand movements alternated between fluttery flocks of birds and rigid Godzilla claws.
    • Since then, his life alternated between music and spirituality to finally merge into a powerful combination.
    • She usually alternated between the pool and the sauna.
    • The uneven topography alternated between blocks of ice mesas, deep ice craters, bony ice ridges, and rolling ice dunes glowing an otherworldly sapphire-blue.
    • The rest of the library-in-the-round alternated between displays, TV videos, and various quotes/info on the walls.
    • Its provocative themes were smothered by a talky libretto that alternated between earnest exposition and sitcom jokes, set in smoothly tonal, insipid musical language.
    • In England, they never had a depression as severe as ours, but it lasted a whole lot longer; between the two world wars, Great Britain alternated between stagnation and decline.
    • Saturday mornings alternated between dress parade and inter-squadron track meets.
    • The programme alternated between live songs - with varying arrangements of musicians and singers - and vocals with a backing track, all produced by the academy.
    • I tried to call Stevie Clark repeatedly but his phone alternated between off and unobtainable.
    • Since 1902 the game has been played between Somerset Cricket Club and St. George's Cricket Club, with the venue for the two-day match alternating each year.
    • A good improv record will have contrasting periods of restraint and release, alternating between logic and wit.
    • Already, the city's burgeoning computer software sector has established links with one of the world's top information technology trade shows, Softworld, which alternates each year between the east and west coasts of Canada.
    • In the build up to the birth you go through alternating phases of excitement and fear.
    • In a chessboxing fight two opponents play alternating rounds of chess and boxing.


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    suplente masculine, feminine