Translation of altitude in Spanish:


altitud, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæltəˌt(j)ud/ /ˈaltɪtjuːd/


  • 1

    altitud feminine
    • The material soaks up water that freezes at altitude and can cause delamination that may not be readily visible.
    • Both nations have struggled in recent years while playing at altitude, where the thin air hands an advantage to those acclimatised to the conditions.
    • Most people don’t sleep well at altitude.
    • This century's leap into aviation and space travel has brought with it a much deeper understanding of the human ability to function at altitude.
    • If cabin depressurization occurs at altitude and goes above this value, passengers in shirt sleeves will die shortly.
    • Kelly wants to develop the Astroliner, a winged rocket towed into the air by a 747 jet and released at altitude to soar on a suborbital trajectory under its own power.
    • The Superfort, its mission apparently completed, descended from altitude and the pilot decided to do a bit of joy riding.
    • He spends long periods of time training at altitude in his home country.
  • 2

    altitud feminine
    at these altitudes a estas altitudes
  • 3

    altura feminine
    • Let y be the altitude of the triangular cross section of the wedge in Figure 6a cut by a plane at distance x from the base.
    • This is a good deal like having a theory that tells us that the area of a plane figure is one-half the base times the altitude, without telling us for what figures this holds.