Translation of altruism in Spanish:


altruismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæltruˌɪzəm/ /ˈaltruːɪz(ə)m/

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    altruismo masculine
    • Most health professionals are motivated by altruism and concern for patients' best interests.
    • Certainly no one should imagine media corporations are suddenly guided by selfless altruism.
    • It brought out the very best in people: altruism, tolerance, noble-mindedness, and openness to others.
    • Misguided though this might have been, my grandfather was motivated by altruism and a deep belief in human dignity.
    • There have been far too many acts of generosity and altruism to list.
    • My grandmother, who is in an excellent state home, is of an age group who have shown a level of altruism and self-sacrifice that beggars belief.
    • These enlightened and evolved people believe in altruism, idealism, and activism.
    • The notions of duty and altruism are vital for a tolerant, healthy society.
    • I argued at the time altruism was being discussed that there is no pure altruism.
    • Hiking fanatics can mix self-gratification with altruism by trekking through the wilderness for charity this weekend.
    • It is as much corporate self-interest as corporate altruism.
    • It is not altruism that is at work here; it is globalisation.
    • It can't be easy for people to leave home and come to a new place, even when the people in the new place are full of altruism and eagerness to help.
    • The fans are not altogether convinced by his altruism.
    • The degree to which a society values altruism, known as social responsibility norms, can also have an effect.
    • Both had their critics, but none of their detractors would doubt their altruism and social commitment.
    • He should have such virtues as compassion, love, generosity, and altruism.
    • The free sharing of information has nothing to do with altruism or a specific anti-authoritarian social vision.
    • Patients who take part in trials do so at least partly from altruism.