Translation of amalgamate in Spanish:


unir, v.

Pronunciation /əˈmælɡəˌmeɪt/ /əˈmalɡəmeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (collections/indexes) unir
    (collections/indexes) amalgamar
    (companies/departments) fusionar
    • He was also a keen hurler and in recent years saw his beloved Ballinakill Club amalgamated with Woodford.
    • A business is often sold, purchased, merged, or amalgamated with another business by the purchase and sale of either assets or shares.
    • The East Yorkshire Regiment amalgamated with the West Yorkshire Regiment in 1958 to form the Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire.
    • The party later amalgamated with the Greens and Hale herself now represents the Greens in the parliament's Legislative Council.
    • Now suddenly their land was seized and amalgamated with all the land confiscated from large wealthy farmers, and given over to peasants to work.
    • A Christmas birthday also means a birthday party amalgamated with the festive celebrations.
    • Part of the community was composed of immigrant workers, such as Polish miners and Italian steelworkers, but they had become effectively amalgamated with their French comrades.
    • In some universities, physics departments have been broken up and amalgamated with other schools, such as engineering.
    • The drawings were in large part reorganised and amalgamated with other drawings belonging to the family.
    • The old school is empty since pupils amalgamated with the junior school.
    • The school, which up to now was independent, is to be amalgamated with St. Patrick's Boys Primary School, to become St Patrick's Primary School.
    • Under the plans set out by the Ministry of Defence, the regiment will be amalgamated with other Yorkshire regiments and the name will pass into oblivion by 2007-2008.
    • The Salmon Research Trust was transferred into state ownership in 1990 and in 1999 was amalgamated with the Marine Institute.
    • The eleven staff based at the laboratory were also shocked to learn that the lab is to be amalgamated with a proposed new facility for all Munster, based in the County Cork town.
    • In 1989 this was restructured so that the smaller local bodies were amalgamated with larger ones.
    • This will possibly lead to rural clubs having to amalgamate to field a team.
    • The following Kent schools have either recently undergone amalgamation or are due to amalgamate.
    • Both insurance subsidiaries have announced their intention to amalgamate.
    • My ultimate interest is creating a new hybrid and amalgamated vision by integrating these different languages and variant aesthetics at once.
    • But his true genius lies in synthesis, in an amalgamated vision he can express in the language of computers.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (companies/departments) fusionarse