Translation of amateurish in Spanish:


de aficionados, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæmədərɪʃ/ /ˌæməˈt(j)ʊrɪʃ/ /æməˈtʃʊrɪʃ/ /ˈamətərɪʃ/


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    de aficionados
    poco serio
    • If they try to do so on their own, their attempts will often be amateurish, incompetent, and therefore less of a threat than they might otherwise be.
    • Worse, it is making unforced errors which make it look amateurish and incompetent.
    • In the end, the organization looks clumsy and amateurish.
    • The photographs are of indifferent quality, the layout and design clumsy and amateurish.
    • We won't be happy until we've got 400 cable or satellite or digital stations and we can watch the most ridiculous, amateurish, shoddy bits of nonsense.
    • It's the first time cameras have been allowed behind the scenes of lottery operator Camelot, and this rather amateurish film reveals what happens once a win is confirmed.
    • ‘They were basically for show and completely amateurish,’ she said.
    • On the next wall, there is a clutch of figurative drawings from the early 1990s, some beautifully conceived and others unwieldy and amateurish.
    • Their efforts have typically been amateurish.
    • Fundamentally, this is an amateurish, lo-tech operation.
    • But some of his other early efforts on the DVD collection are amateurish, uneven affairs - a flaw he happily concedes.
    • And if that sounds rather vague and amateurish, I'm sure it is.
    • The bottom line is that it is amateurish and will threaten the safety of our children.
    • Their presentation was ill-prepared and disappointing, and their proposals amateurish and ill-informed.
    • The amateurish performances, hamfisted dramatics and video nasty violence are a completely resistible combination.
    • In spite of the good result, their London election performance was more amateurish than last year's European elections.
    • Looking back to that first World Cup in New Zealand 15 years ago, it all seems laughably innocent and amateurish now.
    • Try to ignore the poor spelling and amateurish design, and concentrate on the quality of advice gleaned from years of experience.
    • Almost all these bizarre images have a furtive, amateurish air about them; they were never meant to be seen in daylight.
    • Looking back, I was totally naive and amateurish, but those six months stood me in good stead for what I'm doing now.