Translation of amateurishly in Spanish:


sin calidad profesional, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈˌæməˈˌtərɪʃli/ /ˈˌæməˈˌt(j)ʊrɪʃli/ /ˈˌæməˈˌtʃʊrɪʃli/ /ˈamətərɪʃli/


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    sin calidad profesional
    • A movie may be incompetently acted and amateurishly shot.
    • This is the sort of test that is poorly - and amateurishly - designed and conducted, and which proves essentially nothing.
    • The quality of the exhibition was not only amateurishly reminiscent of A-level sketch books, but in some places absolutely risible.
    • Most of the songs are laughably and amateurishly staged.
    • The friend, in an awkward attempt at ingratiation, plays for her a tape of him amateurishly playing the drums with his band.