Translation of ambidextrous in Spanish:


ambidiestro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌæmbiˈdɛkst(ə)rəs/ /ˌambɪˈdɛkstrəs/


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    • He became ambidextrous, using his left hand instead.
    • Although I'm ambidextrous, there are few things I do equally well with either hand.
    • The Nottingham star remarked that his ambidextrous opponent was probably not as good playing with his left hand as his right.
    • Witness the ambidextrous chimpanzee: In captivity, it typically picks branches up with its left hand but digs peanut butter out of a tube with its right.
    • However, with practice, a child can become competent on both sides and where football is concerned my feeling is that if a child is taught from a very early age to use both feet, they can become ambidextrous.
    • I'm trying to become ambidextrous, but it isn't really working.
    • This does not necessarily mean that you are ambidextrous.
    • Australia's John Buchanan would like ambidextrous players.
    • Other left-handers I know are reasonably ambidextrous, but sadly not many of us are capable of doing everything with both hands.
    • He carved only with his right hand and was surprised to learn that some carvers were ambidextrous.
    • ‘I'll have you know I'm ambidextrous,’ Dee sniffed.
    • ‘We're not all ambidextrous,’ Vaughn said, catching his breath.
    • My father, who's ambidextrous, makes it look easy.
    • Let me be clear here that I am not really concerned with whether she was left- or right-handed, or even ambidextrous.
    • It's just different, in the way that right-handed people are different from, but not better than, left-handed or ambidextrous people.
    • Over two-thirds of the parents indicated that at least one, if not both, parents are left-handed or ambidextrous.
    • I'm slightly ambidextrous (mostly right-handed including writing but I throw/bowl/chuck left-handed).
    • Linden was ambidextrous, capable of using both her hands with equal ability - to write, throw, anything.
    • He throws and bats left-handed, but he's ambidextrous.
    • The chance element may also explain why some people are ambidextrous rather than clearly right or left-handed.