Translation of ambience in Spanish:


ambiente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæmbiəns/ /ˈambɪəns/

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    ambiente masculine
    atmósfera feminine
    • So the ambience and atmosphere was scoring top marks so far - but let's get down to the food.
    • It was a truly superb experience, the ambience and the atmosphere was incredible.
    • Sunlight streams in through the windows, highlighting the artwork and contributing to the relaxed ambience.
    • The performances will be by candlelight lending a relaxed ambience to the evening.
    • Nor should they be concentrating on atmosphere and ambience at the expense of proper food.
    • Just like everywhere else on the island, the spa had an ambiance of relaxed elegance.
    • It is going to change the socialising habits of many people and the whole ambience of the Irish pub as outlined already.
    • Grassed mounds, ornamental trees and a lily pond are planned to complement the serene ambience.
    • She recreates the ambience and complex social networks of the period.
    • Like hotels you should have a cheerful ambience and good personalised services.
    • The perfect ambiance and temperature for the baby.
    • At once, the atmosphere and ambiance around her changed.
    • All this was a bizarre contrast to the relaxed and sunny ambience Bradman enjoyed at Bowral High.
    • Broad trees provide welcome shade along the entire way, and the street has a more relaxed and serene ambiance than many city shopping districts.
    • Scientific research has established that fresh flowers can improve mood, prompt a smile, and soften the ambiance of an environment.
    • I never tire of the climate and the ambiance, and after so many trips, I have many good friends who live there.
    • However, a good makeover could give the site the ambience and safety that many people clearly think it deserves.
    • Like Listowel, the town of Ballina had a rural ambience and this helped enormously to make people feel at home.
    • It has a quieter ambience during the day when food is an important element.
    • A friendly ambience has been created in the outlet that people can just come in and relax with a book.