Translation of ambit in Spanish:


ámbito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæmbət/ /ˈambɪt/


  • 1

    ámbito masculine formal
    • But they should not defy the managers of the State if they feel their actions are within the ambit of the law.
    • We need to accept that the situation is now outside the ambit of canon law and the control of church personnel.
    • This was granted two years ago on condition that the centre runs its programmes within the ambit of the law.
    • Of course, that is a matter totally outside the ambit of my remit tonight.
    • Upon questioning, many of them referred this service as outside the ambit of their responsibilities.
    • If it is within the ambit of the Council to assist we should do so.
    • A solution is most likely to fall outside the ambit of the Constitution.
    • Of late, Wattal has been seriously looking outside the ambit of working with pop artists.
    • There can be no room in the due process of criminal justice for the jury to import factors outside the ambit of factual evidence.
    • No political party or group operating within the ambit of the Constitution has been threatened or prejudiced by it.
    • If she was given the advice which she says she was within the ambit of the retainer, then another issue would arise.
    • There are no possible grounds for challenging this decision, which fell well within the ambit of the judge's discretion.
    • Often these matters can be rather wide ranging, but it does help to maintain order in the House if we try to keep within the ambit of a bill.
    • It has not been shown that she went outside the generous ambit of the discretion given to her and in my judgment this appeal should be dismissed.
    • Clearly, the consequences of this challenge have wider implications than those within the ambit of the case itself.
    • It is alleged that he treated him negligently; but resolution of that issue also falls outside the ambit of this trial.
    • The question is whether these companies will fall within the ambit of the US legislation.
    • Most of this activity occurs outside the ambit of universities and schools.
    • The member's supplementary question is definitely outside the ambit of what I asked.
    • Not only is that question way outside the ambit of the original question, but it is simply mean and nasty.