Translation of amble in Spanish:


amblar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈæmbəl/ /ˈamb(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (horse) amblar
    to amble along ir tranquilamente / sin ninguna prisa
    • the boy ambled in el chico entró con toda tranquilidad / sin ninguna prisa
    • we ambled through the village paseamos tranquilamente por el pueblo
    • The game is being played at walking pace at the moment and if the Italian players were ambling around any slower they'd be stationary.
    • His mom, sister, and brother ambled about, along with his dad, walking with a cane and wearing a hearing aid.
    • It was Damien, ambling at an easy pace on the sidewalk.
    • Twenty minutes later, a black guy in a red shirt comes ambling along.
    • A little girl ambles along in her communion dress.
    • As we ambled along, we noticed signs in Chinese engraved on the cliff walls which our guide translated for us as we went along.
    • No recognition came to mind and she ambled along, kicking pebbles of dry, golden dirt as she went.
    • They tend to amble along in the beginning, bogged down in trivialities.
    • 'I think I'd like to have a look at the sort of thing we're downloading, so just email me the address,’ he says, ambling at a slow run to get back to his desktop in time.
    • The only hint that he is 63-years-old is his slow step as he ambles to the witness chair and takes a seat behind the microphone.
    • The mist was still lifting off the big lake in the park at Windsor, and only a few joggers and moochers ambled about along the narrow path, that circles the lake.
    • She just ambles around the place, then gets to the track and wins her races.
    • Nothing much happens and when it looks like the film is set to take a certain path, it gets distracted and ambles off on its own.
    • Hiding outside a bar is a good idea, as he does here, concealing himself behind a lamp post when a young woman emerges and ambles uncertainly in his direction.
    • He laughs, ambles back to the cashier and returns with the missing drink.
    • The great writer and scholar Iris Murdoch, addled and disoriented by advanced Alzheimer's Disease, ambles out of her Oxford house and into the city.
    • Storey stretches and ambles towards the shower.
    • She ambles quickly in the direction the kids had taken.
    • He caught sight of his dog and began a slow amble towards us.
    • As she slowly ambles back to her own home, she feels betrayed somehow.


  • 1

    (gait of horse)
    ambladura feminine
    to go at an amble ir tranquilamente / sin ninguna prisa
    • Staying nearby in the creeper-fronted Hotel Raphael, we crossed the square each time we set out on or returned from our long ambles around the city.
    • For instance, in the new building where my amble ended, walking among paintings which are themselves familiar, it's possible to feel a colder, rougher, emptier island which is unfamiliar.
    • The shots rang out just after 11 on a sultry summer's evening, just as the last of the regulars were drifting away from the pub for a slow amble home.
    • Sunday, with my ankle still hurting from a sprain on the walk back, the most I could manage was an amble round the Waterfalls walk, and a stop in the pub.
    • The ducks on the river were managing the torrents and we thought we could manage the riverside amble.
    • He finally saw her walking fast down the hall and he slowed to an amble a few meters away from her.
    • One of the nicest and simplest ski-free activities is simply to go for a walk, as I discover when I take a gentle amble from Sunnbüel to the Schwarenbach mountain hut.
    • Greenbank is a demonstration garden where people can glean practical and creative ideas either from a leisurely amble or from the programme of courses and guided walks.
    • If you're ever wandering around there, take an amble into the bar and grab a seat, if one is available.
    • I headed out for a walk this afternoon, but had to turn back about 10 minutes into my amble.
    • A quick amble about the station revealed that the left luggage lockers were closed and sealed due to the security precautions.
    • But a stiff amble around its cobbled streets, taking in the fierce castle and the quaint medieval Baroque theatre installed in a former granary in the square, confirmed my good first impressions.
    • It's a pleasant amble, wide and straight, passing beneath bridges, through cuttings and woodland, with glimpses across open countryside to distant fells.
    • This amble alongside the River Kent is perfect for a contemplative outing and perhaps better suited to an adult group than to children, writes Harriet Sharkey.
    • But all too soon the boat had chugged slowly past St Mark's Square, into the Grand Canal and up to the small landing stage a short amble from our hotel.
    • A short amble onwards, the streets become shambolic, messy, invested with noise and life.
    • Thursday meant a hangover and a pleasant amble around the charity shops of Broomhill.
    • A short amble about soon revealed there was nowhere to eat out in Chaource on a Monday.