Translation of ambrosia in Spanish:


ambrosía, n.

Pronunciation /æmˈbroʊʒ(i)ə/ /amˈbrəʊzɪə/


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    ambrosía feminine
    • So they have a special drink called nectar, and they eat food which is ambrosia, which is immortal.
    • Athena strengthens Achilles by planting ambrosia and honey in his chest.
    • Then my feet no longer rest on earth, but standing by Zeus himself I take my fill of ambrosia, the divine dish.
    • In the poem, Hector's body, attached to Achilles' chariot and dragged around Troy, cannot be mutilated because Aphrodite has anointed it with ambrosia.
    • No mortal could ever taste ambrosia, as Greek myth said.