Translation of ambush in Spanish:


tenderle una emboscada a, v.

Pronunciation /ˈæmbʊʃ/ /ˈambʊʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (troops/vehicle) tenderle una emboscada a
    they were ambushed by guerrillas los guerrilleros les tendieron una emboscada
    • So while we were in the cart, some of my soldiers ambushed the officers and stole their uniforms.
    • I think they might have let me know in advance what they were planning instead of ambushing me, don't you?
    • Perhaps we have stumbled upon a party intent on ambushing us and raiding our lands.
    • A specialist team ambushed the men, who were in a red estate car, as they prepared to head into Glasgow from Kirkintilloch.
    • Two Burnley youths who ambushed two men in a motorway under-pass have been sentenced to two years detention.
    • It was as he walked across the car park at the front of the sports centre that he was ambushed and assaulted so viciously that he lost consciousness.
    • They heard how he was ambushed as he drove from Keighley Leisure Centre by two car loads of heavily-armed and masked thugs.
    • The old man followed her into the dark hall, where he was ambushed by several dozen rebels.
    • He was ambushed by two men firing shotguns as his cab pulled up outside.
    • A woman was ambushed by carjackers who threatened her with a gun and made off with her BMW convertible last week.
    • Howard survived, just as he did in January when he was ambushed in a North Side car wash.
    • The prosecution said that Vang ambushed some victims and chased one.
    • A young Ilkley landlord is recovering from a terrifying ordeal in which he was ambushed by two armed burglars.
    • A masked robber, who was wielding a baseball bat, ambushed the first employee as he went outside to the bins.
    • The police ambushed the dealer in a bogus arrest, stripped him of cash and drugs then sent him on his way.
    • Calida had barely made it to the bottom of the stairs when Esmerelda ambushed her.
    • Kirsty revealed how she had spoken to Paul on his mobile phone only moments before he was ambushed.
    • A man was ambushed and mugged by three men lying in wait as he walked home from a football match.
    • The Marines just happened to come upon them an hour after the soldiers were ambushed.
    • While waging a gutsy campaign against liver disease, he was ambushed by stomach cancer and succumbed within a few months.


  • 1

    emboscada feminine
    to lay an ambush (for sb/sth) tender(le) una emboscada (a algn/algo)
    • they lay / waited in ambush for the column to pass esperaron emboscados a que pasara la columna
    • There have been frequent attacks on livestock too, with crocodiles waiting in ambush near the river bank.
    • Barracuda and dogtooth tuna are a common sight along these edges just cruising or lying in ambush.
    • He could only see one metal wall, so he had no idea of how well it was guarded or if an ambush was waiting for him.
    • As chief commanding officer of his unit, Donovan led patrol and combat missions, and he recounts the suspense and sheer terror of night ambushes, surprise attacks and man-to-man warfare.
    • But it is precisely the familiarity of the urban terrain to those who live there that enables them to use it to the advantages of ambushes, surprise attacks and rapid redeployment.
    • In daylight, a lion could starve waiting for a perfect ambush.
    • Classic tribal warfare emphasizes raids, ambushes and skirmishes - attacks followed by withdrawals, without holding ground.
    • Successes by these Celtic troops against the Romans were usually gained in surprise attacks, in ambushes, and when overwhelming detached units by sheer numbers.
    • They may conduct reconnaissance by visual observation, by probing, by making ambushes, and by raiding tactical command posts, dumps, and other targets.
    • The cats in the paintings are caught in different actions - they play, sleep, attack or lie in ambush.
    • The Russian snipers were not prepared to hunt in the ruins and to lie in ambush for days on end.
    • Cities provide ample hiding places for the defender, and such battles often become an endless succession of ambushes for the attacker.
    • Hit-and-run attacks, terrorist acts, raids and ambushes were cleverly combined with high-profile ideological activities.
    • Insurgents often set up active ambushes to kill the greatest possible number of personnel.
    • Once trainees understand mountainous terrain and its effects on combat, the next step is to conduct small exercises involving patrolling, raids, and ambushes.
    • He was shot during an ambush and killed because he wasn't wearing his body armor.
    • In the gorge itself, small groups are deployed that use ambushes combined with effective fire delivery.
    • The occupants fled the car and were shot at the roadside, perhaps by a second group of attackers involved in the ambush.
    • On the other hand, the ambush is used throughout operations and is based on surprise.