Translation of amend in Spanish:


corregir, v.

Pronunciation /əˈmɛnd/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (manuscript/text) corregir
    to amend sth to sth
    • It said it has persuaded several overseas companies to amend their websites to reflect UK law.
    • Since publication, Valder has slightly amended the text of his manifesto, replacing the second last paragraph.
    • This is the slightly amended text of an address he gave to a Quadrant dinner in Sydney in August.
    • It would not be practical for the council to seek to amend the text in the kind of detail required to make the document acceptable.
    • Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has said he is willing to amend the text to make it clear that conditions and standards for workers will not be affected in any way.
    • In this connection, it is suggested that the draft be amended with special articles that would reflect the following provisions.
    • We have today amended the text of the guidance on the Department's website.
    • Actually, Madison wanted to amend the text of the Articles of the Constitution, rather than tacking on a Bill of Rights and further amendments.
    • In particular, Hawking's own work on black holes (with which Ellis was not directly involved) had progressed faster than they could amend the text.
    • But although it amends the text to include the year, it does not include the date.
    • They could amend that document or leave it as is.
    • Pate says that the document has been amended more than 750 times since 1901.
    • We seek to amend that document in some minor respects.
  • 2

    (constitution/legislation) enmendar
  • 3 formal

    (behavior) enmendar formal