Translation of amendment in Spanish:


corrección, n.

Pronunciation /əˈmɛn(d)mənt/ /əˈmɛn(d)m(ə)nt/


  • 1

    corrección feminine
    • They say they will settle for nothing less than an amendment to the legislation.
    • The final point is an amendment to existing legislation and refers to the wearing of safety helmets.
    • There can be a further committee stage if this is required for further amendment to the legislation.
    • Bishop Nigel McCulloch was travelling to London to support an amendment to the higher education bill in the House of Lords.
    • There were two citizen petitions against the bill and one advising amendment.
    • What exactly were the lawsuits against which this amendment was being specially enacted?
    • Not enough people in Michigan understood the consequences of passing that amendment.
    • By filibustering, senators attempt to prevent a vote on a measure or amendment.
    • I am aware of members of my own congregation who would be adversely affected by this amendment.
    • Since no such amendment has passed, we can't be sure what the consequences would be.
    • This key amendment was defeated, leaving words in the Act that must be given meaning.
    • There is absolutely no purpose in the law and in reality for this amendment.
    • Supporters of that amendment admit they are still well short of the votes needed for approval.
    • The amendments allow the next parliament to make changes after the document is approved.
    • The court observed that a new claim is not made by amendment until the pleading is amended.
    • It could be brought about only by way of Treaty amendment.
    • The Administration supports this amendment and so should we.
    • I have not received a request for amendment from any attendee.
    • It is encouraging that we have gained some concessions, but more are needed, such as a joint committee and amendment of key words in the bill.
    • The problems have arisen out of a maze of interacting statutory provisions, which have been subject to frequent amendment.
  • 2

    (to constitution, legislation)
    enmienda feminine
    I'd like to move an amendment to the motion quisiera proponer una enmienda a la moción
    • a constitutional amendment una enmienda constitucional
    • the First/Second Amendment la Primera/Segunda Enmienda
    • Like all of the Amendments to the Constitution, the Fourth Amendment is open to interpretation because of a tension - deeply embedded in American culture and politics - between individual rights and communal responsibilities.
    • The Constitution and its Amendments protect the People from their Government.
    • We were given the right to vote in the Amendments to the Constitution - number 19 to be exact!
    • Consequently, not only is a real understanding of the values underlying the Constitution and its Amendments necessary, so is a willingness to act when necessary to protect those ideals.
    • I guess the strongest form of Bill of Rights would certainly be the American Bill of Rights which were the Amendments to the American Constitution in the 18th century.
    • The twenty-four Amendments to the Constitution bind us together to form a nation and help unite us with our government.
    • To repeal the 16th Amendment would require a constitutional amendment.
    • However, the US Constitution describes the free individual through implication - through the exemptions represented by the Amendments rather than through the assertions represented by the Constitution itself.
    • The Second Amendment is as important as the First Amendment.
    • To guard against the very reasonable fear mentioned above, Madison proposed the 9th Amendment.
    • In the USA in August 1920 President Wilson signed the 19th Amendment, which finally gave women the right to vote.
    • On the one hand, it's probably a violation of the 14th Amendment and its implementation can lead to abuse and tribalism.
    • More than 130 years later, many subsequent applications of the 14th Amendment seem obvious.
    • We are sure that many of those who were in her position did not support the Government, but were unwilling to sacrifice their political careers by voting for the Amendment.
    • The notices make no mention of the protections of the First Amendment.
  • 3formal

    (in behavior)
    mejora feminine
    enmienda feminine formal