Translation of amends in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈmɛndz/ /əˈmɛn(d)z/

plural noun

  • 1

    to make amends to sb desagraviar a algn
    • I tried to make amends for the damage I had done intenté reparar el daño que había hecho
    • Is it possible for that family to make amends and atone for its ill-gotten gains?
    • I suppose you could say I am making amends after all these years.
    • The bowler, however, agreed to continue when he was advised that instead of feeling depressed, he should just concentrate on making amends in the second Test starting here tomorrow.
    • So, Summerville is making amends for this publishing lapse, not with hefty volumes but in a compact single volume, and in a way that should please both historian and amateur enthusiast.
    • At least one public school system is making amends.
    • It was technology that brought us the car, but it is making amends with high fuel-efficiency cars, the electric Smart car, and, of course, unleaded petrol.
    • On Sunday they did not do themselves justice tactically or in terms of conviction, but they are extremely lucky to have a chance of making amends so quickly.
    • We can apologize for it and then begin making amends.
    • I also know that Ronaldo, now that he is fit again, is focused on making amends for the disappointments, both personal and national, in France.
    • The panel talks to the youngster, the parents, and where possible, the victim, to agree a tailor-made contract aimed at making amends.
    • At least Paterson wasted no time in making amends.
    • Now aged 80 and living in Britain, he is making amends by giving today's young people a fascinating glimpse of life behind enemy lines.
    • I will continue to give Hailey the benefit of the doubt and assume that in the next few days, he will begin making amends.
    • He will work with the West Yorkshire Police youth offending team over the next three months on schemes aimed at making amends for his crime.
    • Full credit to them though, they're making amends by offering an upgrade to people's accounts.
    • But they have owned up to ripping off their customers and they have been making amends.
    • The question of making amends for slavery also ran into the sand, again for similar reasons.
    • ‘When someone genuinely apologizes and makes amends, most Canadians will forgive them,’ Stowe said.
    • If she owns up to her mistreatment, seems genuinely sorry and makes amends, you should have no problem setting the friendship back on track.
    • Whenever we are caught up in industrial calamities, experts ought to examine the cause and make amends.