Translation of American in Spanish:


estadounidense, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈmɛrəkən/ /əˈmɛrɪk(ə)n/

Definition of estadounidense in Spanish


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    (of USA)
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    (of continent)


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    (from USA)
    estadounidense masculine, feminine
    norteamericano masculine
    norteamericana feminine
    americano masculine
    americana feminine
    • Scott Boehnen, 33, an American, became a citizen after living in Britain for six years.
    • He is an American by citizenship and by his sworn allegiance to the laws of this land as a U.S. senator.
    • My guess would would be they're a lot more likely to have passports than native born Americans.
    • She is an American, a Jew and a rising senior at the University of California at Berkeley.
    • First of all, it's odd that the film stars a Scotsman and an American when it's set so prominently in Belfast.
    • In London, we are viewed as a very British bank, but many of our key staff are French or Americans.
    • For example, if an American marries a Greek, the American also gets a Greek citizenship.
    • Just looking at the drawing makes it clear that the young native cared for the youthful American.
    • I of course was not a Dane but rather an American, but it seemed that it didn't matter to them.
    • Two of the detainees, a Spaniard and an American, were freed by police yesterday.
    • Star is half French and half Spanish but he was raised as an American with no ties to Europe, he said.
    • It's great to be an American but not so great if you are not a citizen of Rome.
    • An American, a Russian, a Chinese man, and an Israeli are at a street corner when a pollster comes up.
    • Will the Americans and the British be able to sit out such a scenario for any length of time?
    • This was a project that filled Americans with excitement and Europeans with fear.
    • The area is popular not only with Europeans but Americans living in or visiting Europe.
    • The Americans employed Navajo during the last war as an extra level of obfuscation.
    • As a result, the British and Americans were able to advance well to the east of the lower Elbe.
    • More than two million of these were Americans bound for the European theatre of war.
    • He's an Indian American whose parents moved to Baton Rouge just before he was born.
    • In addition to the Britons, a Canadian and an American were seized.
    • A foul has been called by a British team but an American is contesting it.
    • This is the story of three of them, an Englishman, a German and an American.
    • I thought it was very clever to kick off with an American singing about his President in a very Swiss style.
    • At stake is the fundamental sense of what it means to be an American and who belongs in America.
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    (from continent)
    americano masculine
    americana feminine
    • While I am not Jewish, I went through a similar process as an American from the South.
    • This is not a political question, it's a feeling as an American for other Americans.
    • The people who taught me the most about what it means to be American are African Americans.
    • They did it not just because he was an American, but because he was a Jewish American.
    • He knows he will never be an American, that he never can be an American.
    • I, as a South American, was very involved, intellectually, with the idea of social reform.
    • One of the reasons that Borges as a South American was attracted to this particular North American writer was that Poe thought of himself as a Southerner.
    • The only thing better than a South American is a Brazilian.
    • Hannah, a North American, was raised in the Quaker community of Monterverde.
    • The other interesting thing for a North American is seeing wagons rolling through a yard and then noticing that there are no hand brakes.
    • The Ukrainian surprisingly beat the American for the world title a year ago.
    • It is British based so the Americans here might not find it all relevant but it's worth a check all the same.
  • 3informal

    (American English)
    inglés americano masculine
    • It's nice, though, that the majority of accents I hear around me are not English or American.
    • His first stop was Los Angeles English School for a year where he learned to speak perfect American!
    • The only drawback is that the software is available only in English and the accent is British or American.
    • The orthography of English has standardized on two systems, British and American.
    • His accent is American but there is a slight hint of English from where he has been living in Europe for so long.
    • Being Australian, I'm in the position that I can fluently read and understand both American and British.
    • Although American English is remarkably homogeneous considering the tremendous size of the country, there are still many thousands of differences that characterize the various dialect regions of the United States.
    • This course is very well-designed, practical, and undoubtedly will be a great support for those who want to master contemporary American English.