Translation of amiable in Spanish:


afable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪmiəb(ə)l/ /ˈeɪmɪəb(ə)l/

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    (person/nature) afable
    (person/nature) amable
    • She was a very good looking woman, with an amiable and warm personality, but I didn't know her personally.
    • A most amiable and kindly man, he was held in very high esteem and was a noted character in the area.
    • Anyway, I found Andrea to be a perfectly amiable person, but that was not a universal view.
    • He described him Mr Reid as an amiable person who wanted to learn the basics of the religion.
    • He is an amiable person, but very disorganised, and this often leads to frustration on the part of staff, and friction.
    • He was blonde haired, blue eyed, and perhaps one of the most amiable people in the town.
    • Of all Europe's princes today, Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre must be one of the most amiable and likeable.
    • Dale agreed, finding it difficult not to warm to the amiable fisherman.
    • Most of the time, however, the two rivals were amiable and pleased with each other's achievements.
    • Balard had a kind and amiable personality, to which students responded warmly.
    • Finally, an amiable person pulled up in an old pickup truck and let the poor man in.
    • Jane Galt is a charming hostess, and her salon is a vastly more amiable affair than I imagine Rand's were.
    • We suspect that it was a very amiable meeting because they are both decent people who know the score.
    • The result is that amiable but gullible Arthur finds himself fleeced by friends and strangers alike.
    • The film thrives on the chemistry between its two likeable leads, while the rest of the cast is funny and amiable.
    • Of course he would dispute that, though in the most amiable terms.
    • I'm sad that such noble, amiable and inventive creatures could be treated so cruelly.
    • Always amiable and frequently hilarious, future triumphs on the comedy circuit might not be that much of a tall order.
    • If he is allowed to continue, others with less amiable intentions will follow.
    • He's an amiable if laconic sort, seemingly uninterested in talking about himself.