Translation of amicable in Spanish:


amigable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæməkəb(ə)l/ /ˈamɪkəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (person) amigable
    (relations) cordial
    (relations) amistoso
    (arrangement) amistoso
    to reach an amicable agreement llegar a un acuerdo amistoso
    • Normally, this is one of the quieter, friendlier, more amicable sessions of the week.
    • Although traffic wardens are not known for being popular, friends said Milroy was an easygoing, amicable character.
    • A swift and amicable settlement to this dispute is needed now.
    • The disputed area can also be discussed after some time and an amicable settlement may be given to the court for its verdict.
    • Two decades on, Mesnel is a millionaire, albeit a very polite and amicable one, and without, it seems, a single element of ego.
    • Though we believe we have a chance of remaining independent, we have to work together and would like to have an amicable relationship.
    • He recently admitted the trio regularly congratulate themselves on having such an amicable relationship.
    • And it is the sort of amicable relationship which the company has long been known for.
    • We're still really good friends and it's all very amicable, but it just wasn't working and hadn't done so for quite some time.
    • Spokespersons for the pair say it's an amicable split and that the two remain friends.
    • The conversation was amicable, as befitted a meeting between two old friends.
    • But, at least in the beginning, relations between the neighboring states were largely amicable.
    • They then moved to India and Pakistan where they formed an amicable relationship with the British.
    • Once Mr Ahern had clarified the position, the conversation was amicable.
    • They have not been in court before now for custody of the child and had reached an amicable arrangement over visiting rights.
    • He urged the youths from both sides to forget the bitter past and create an amicable environment for everyone to live in peace.
    • It was amicable and did not last long - little more than an hour.
    • Robson is an amicable bloke with a marvellous CV and his bitterness at being shown the door was as obvious as it was understandable.
    • The event was a particularly amicable one and the result for Europeans, especially the Scots, could not have been better.
    • It may be still some time before an amicable solution is arrived at.