Translation of amid in Spanish:


en medio de, prep

Pronunciation /əˈmɪd/


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    en medio de
    • The cabins stand in their own picket-fenced patch of grass amid beautiful countryside.
    • Only about a dozen homes surround the picture-book church, which is set amid rolling fields.
    • These housing projects are cruelly juxtaposed amid the sublime beauty that surrounds Nuuk.
    • To top off her bewilderment, the lad was walking amid his parents who didn't seem to notice at all.
    • All this after I had the commonsense to slow to a halt amid a growing pack of confused motorists.
    • It stands in a valley amid green hills on the banks of the steel-blue Pichola lake.
    • A lot of younger people sat in the aisle amid the fag ends, gum and dust.
    • It stands in the car park at the turning to Goathland, a patch of concrete amid acres of North York Moors heather.
    • Golf at its most challenging will be at the forefront of a new course growing tall amid wooded splendour.
    • It was here, amid the wilderness of the Forest of Dean, that her imagination took wing.
    • Nine holes later, we walked up the last fairway amid the big grandstands.
    • The sight of huntsmen and women riding around in red tunics amid a pack of hounds is often described as picturesque.
    • Now that I live in the city, the need for a bit of light relief amid the concrete and the traffic is felt more keenly than ever.
    • Snow usually falls amid high winds, meaning that skiing is impossible while it is actually snowing.