Translation of amiss in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈmɪs/


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    there was nothing amiss no había ningún problema
    • have I said something amiss? ¿he dicho algo que no debiera / algo inoportuno?
    • there's something amiss with him le pasa algo
    • I felt like myself yet there was something wrong, something amiss, something lacking from the scene.
    • At this point the store manager, who was taking stock nearby, sensed that there was something amiss at the till and walked over.
    • If something amiss is detected, the camera alerts a central control.
    • Why would he have had to do so unless he detected something amiss?
    • But if something amiss happens in his own team's penalty area, that is usually the moment he was looking the other way.
    • On the face of it, there does seem to be something amiss here.
    • When it finished and I had a look at my recent files there was clearly something amiss, something I couldn't ignore.
    • Students are also being encouraged to seek help or speak out if they see something amiss on or around school grounds.
    • Michael arrived at the Wall to find no sign that anything was wrong or amiss.
    • Offering a contract is wrong; to consider a replacement is amiss, too.
    • That's the most public concession that anything is amiss here, as Chinese media have given scant coverage to the riots.
    • I have spent thousands proving things are amiss in this county and I found myself at a cross-roads with nowhere to go.
    • Whatever was amiss, and something definitely was, this was a most uncharacteristic display.
    • No alarm went off, and the officers patrolling the perimeter didn't notice anything amiss.
    • Over the last couple days though I've been getting signals that something might be amiss.
    • I first noticed something was amiss by the helicopter circling over the Arakawa at about 8pm on Thursday evening.
    • Several more officers examined the picture and, having drawn the conclusion that something was amiss, called the police.
    • Saying he would fight for the truth, he even attended a cabinet meeting chaired by the vice president as if nothing was amiss.
    • He phoned the Justice Department - the first alert to anything amiss.
    • If it finds anything amiss it will correct it within a few seconds.