Translation of ammeter in Spanish:


amperímetro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæ(m)ˌmidər/ /ˈamɪtə/


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    amperímetro masculine
    • The current may be measured by digital ammeter to four or five decimal places so the accuracy of the calibration coefficient depends only on the accuracy of the calibrating interferometer.
    • The question demanded to know what measurement an ammeter would give in the circuit.
    • One man was hooking up what looked like an ammeter to a glob of flesh - she tried not to think of what it was, while another was examining a picture of a brain on a small computer screen.
    • Imagine that conductive electrodes are then attached to the surfaces and connected through an ammeter having a low internal resistance.
    • Variations of resistance are shown on a ammeter which are then interpreted by the trained auditor.
    • By connecting the system to a suitably calibrated ammeter, the temperature can be read.