Translation of ammo in Spanish:


munición, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæmoʊ/ /ˈaməʊ/

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    munición feminine
    • We did not use just any old bullets for this project: the ammo was especially made by a friend who happens to be a munitions expert.
    • The extra ammo stored in the pockets would weigh him down and it would only hamper his fighting abilities.
    • He knew there was no way he could take down the remaining members of this small army with the ammo he had on hand.
    • The strap held all the ammo he'd need for the weapon so he had no need to carry any extra pouches for shells.
    • Hunting rifles and their respective ammo would remain legal to manufacture.
    • Is the ammo also among the consignment left behind by freedom fighters more than 20 years ago?
    • In this case I had the test rifle a couple of months before the ammo was available.
    • They threatened to take my ammo away just to keep me from shooting every elk I saw.
    • The gun was now sitting useless on the small table in the hall, the ammo vanished in to his pocket.
    • The first step in any process like this is to see what the factory ammo will do.
    • Given the stout recoil and the heavy weight of the ammo, this is a very wise idea.
    • He had expended all of his ammo, both primary and secondary, as well as his grenades.
    • Nor is friction a major concern because of the various coatings applied to the ammo.
    • Here are the key points to consider when choosing the ammo to load in your handgun.
    • I managed to come up with a couple of guns and some of the ammo and tried it myself.
    • Not too long ago we did a simple test and shot the same ammo in five different guns.
    • All the machines had to do to defeat humanity was show up and let them deplete their ammo.
    • He slipped into the trench coat, getting up and stowing the ammo and gun.
    • Many handloaders care almost as much about how their ammo looks as how it shoots.
    • Machineguns were valued tools in infantry combat but they ate ammo at astounding rates.