Translation of ammonium in Spanish:


amonio, n.

Pronunciation /əˈmoʊniəm/ /əˈməʊnɪəm/


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    amonio masculine
    (chloride/hydroxide) (before noun) de amonio
    (chloride/hydroxide) (before noun) amónico
    • Amides are hydrolysed to ammonium salts with catalysis by acids or alkalis.
    • The perchloric acid then neutralises the alkali ammonia forming crystals of ammonium perchlorate salt.
    • And it contained the inorganic salts manganese sulphate, potassium chloride and ammonium sulphate.
    • These include things such as urea, ammonia, nitric acid, and ammonium phosphate.
    • In nickel plating, an electrolytic solution containing nickel ammonium sulfate may be used.