Translation of ammunition in Spanish:


munición, n.

Pronunciation /ˌæmjəˈnɪʃ(ə)n/ /amjʊˈnɪʃ(ə)n/


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    munición feminine
    her racist remarks provided further ammunition for her opponents sus comentarios racistas dieron nuevos argumentos a sus contrincantes
    • ammunition belt cartuchera
    • Large quantities of ammunition and supplies had been stockpiled there.
    • He is suspected of being a hired hitman able to supply guns and ammunition to contacts in the criminal underworld.
    • By the winter artillery ammunition had been rationed to one or two shells per gun per day.
    • The hospital official said the shell was ammunition for either a rocket or mortar.
    • The weapon used was a pump action shot gun and a large quantity of ammunition was later found around the house and in the outbuildings.
    • Three men were being questioned by detectives today after a gun and ammunition were found dumped in bushes.
    • If you take over a gun shop, then the shop will supply you with ammunition.
    • Clean out the local gun shop's supply of ammunition and make a last stand, of course!
    • Local hardware stores were broken into to supply arms and ammunition.
    • His leather-bound, regimental guns were the first to fire fixed ammunition with wooden cases.
    • Both gunner and commander are able to fire the gun and select the type of ammunition to be fired.
    • Low on ammunition, he marked a sixth bunker with smoke for Cobra gun ships to attack.
    • Not only has he wasted ammunition, but he's probably given you a good idea of where he is.
    • The way ammunition is made today is very much as it was done a hundred or more years ago.
    • They are made of high buoyancy foam and will float with guns and ammunition inside.
    • She took a few of the napkins and discreetly pushed the gun and ammunition into her lap.
    • In one media report, a ramp worker was even caught with a duffel bag of ammunition and a gun at work.
    • Guns, grenades, knives and several rounds of ammunition were also found in the house.
    • The maximum penalty for illegally possessing a gun or ammunition is up to ten years in prison or a fine, or both.
    • The operation was carried out after the theft of two guns and live ammunition during a burglary.