Translation of amnesty in Spanish:


amnistía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæmnəsti/ /ˈamnɪsti/

nounplural amnesties

  • 1

    amnistía feminine
    general amnesty amnistía general
    • to declare/grant an amnesty declarar/conceder una amnistía
    • under the amnesty bajo la amnistía
    • And this entity should also incorporate human rights into its charter, exclude perpetrators of war crimes from government posts and police forces and grant no amnesties to those convicted of such crimes.
    • They were each sentenced to 29 years in prison but were released in 1992 as part of an amnesty granted to political prisoners, having served only five years of their sentence.
    • Though the corrupt city councilors may get away from the penalty of the law in granting the amnesty, they cannot escape the punishment of the voters in the future.
    • Pressure was also brought by the newspapers and caused Parliament to vote for, in the name of the unity of France, an amnesty, which pardoned the 13 convicted Alsatians.
    • A later part, however, refers to amnesties being granted only to ‘all pardoned political prisoners’.
    • The government is to discuss a general amnesty for prisoners convicted of crimes that might be politically motivated, a senior official said yesterday.
    • Constitutionally, only the king can grant partial or complete amnesty to anyone convicted in Cambodia.
    • Nonetheless, usage often views these terms as interchangeable, so that persons not yet tried are pardoned and prisoners serving sentences are granted an amnesty.
    • He immediately issued an amnesty for those convicted of or charged with political offences since October 1968.
    • Although death sentences are handed down in Myanmar, they often are commuted on appeal, by presidential pardon or in occasional amnesties.
    • ‘He will be given an amnesty, pardoned, after being judged guilty,’ he told the newspaper during a recent visit to Rome.
    • He said amnesties granted by the president would offer those officials who had received commissions a ‘chance to repent’ and would contribute to solving the case.
    • He was eventually given a pardon under a general amnesty in 1945 at the age of 59.
    • However, successive Argentine presidents have signed legislation granting amnesties to the military and hampering efforts to achieve justice, despite the mounds of evidence that have been uncovered.
    • They were more like colonies of runaway slaves in the Americas, and like them negotiated with the government as equals over pardons and amnesties.
    • Thereafter, the Legislative Assembly granted amnesty for political crimes committed during the war.
    • Refusing to grant political amnesty exacerbates the wounds of conflict.
    • In Peru, as in other Latin American countries in which official violence was widespread, a sweeping amnesty law is still on the books.
    • No amnesty may be granted to him, nor can he be ransomed.
    • But this time the jails of the world will be less full - the coup leaders were granted an amnesty.