Translation of among in Spanish:


entre, prep

Pronunciation /əˈməŋ/ /əˈmʌŋ/


  • 1

    (in midst of)
    among friends entre amigos
    • among others entre otros
    • among other things entre otras cosas
    • Another symbol popular among the gay community is the inverted triangle.
    • During the late Nineties the general view among investors was that shares weren't things to be sold.
    • She said that the general feeling among communities was that they were tired of these crimes and wanted action to be taken.
    • Working in Sierra Leone, she found horrific decay among the children whose teeth she examined.
    • These conditions often led to disillusionment and cynicism among community members.
    • A quick scan of the room sees members nodding among themselves and grinning.
    • They also aimed to promote a sense of community spirit and pride amongst the Carnarvon population.
    • It also generated outrage and headaches among the academic community at the festival.
    • Is the hypernova theory generally accepted as fact amongst the astronomy community?
    • His views were generally shared among the veterans who said they had no resentment now toward the kamikaze pilots.
    • I can hardly see the latest suggestions from the police having a beneficial effect on the levels of fear amongst the general public.
    • We believe there is widespread support amongst the general public for such a move.
    • A fatigue has set in among the general public, and the last thing they want to do is to take to streets in the sweltering heat.
    • There is a great dissatisfaction among the general public regarding the redressal mechanism.
    • There's a growing suspicion among the general public that corruption and fraud is rife.
    • I think there's a general feeling among members that were he to be selected as a candidate he would do a good job.
    • It is this gap in understanding amongst the wider community that [we] hope to address with this guide.
    • All this has created unprecedented fear and alienation amongst our communities.
    • Instead of rivalry, says Sebastien, there's a real sense of community amongst those who take part.
    • The response amongst the busking community has been decidedly lukewarm.
    • Waking up to find a hung-over friend of a relative amongst the presents will certainly help that year stand out.
    • The central two-hander is set among a group of friends, all of whom are married or about to marry.
    • Birds filled the air with their song while butterflies danced amongst the wild flowers.
    • It is a beautiful world situated among endless sands and rocks under an orange sky.
    • And all four are very unusual and uncommon topics for discussion amongst friends.
    • Obviously I haven't been brave enough to broach this topic amongst our friends for fear of an outcry.
    • It was that idea, in fact, that always made me a bit of an outcast amongst my more liberal friends.
    • Most people when faced with the break-up of their marriage would surely take shelter amongst family and friends.
    • I could hardly keep the smile off my face, I was so pleased to be amongst friends in a strange country.
    • It was a brilliant night and I felt really lucky to be amongst friends who knew their way around.
    • You get lonely on your own at 3am, and it's like being amongst old friends in here.
    • Blessed is he who has found his place, for he shall be content among friends.
    • On the other hand, among friends with whom you feel at ease, you are expressive, witty, and quite charming.
    • At the Fabian Society's summer reception at Westminster he was among friends and looking relaxed and comfortable.
    • The Friends will be among those celebrating Hob Moor's new status as a Local Nature Reserve at a free party there in a week's time.
    • The document is now code and the code is now simply one window among others.
    • I see the future of Turkey in Europe as a prosperous, tolerant, democratic country among others.
    • According to the law, road users must give priority to, among others, the vehicles of state officials.
    • These charges, among others, were laid at the mock-Tudor mansion doors of footballers in 2003.
    • It makes for a dramatic backdrop to explore cuisine of Senegal, Cameroon and Mali, among others.
    • The agreement was initially hailed as providing a boost for tomato and avocado growers, among others.
    • A young lady and her lawyers came to me among others, and we represented what we believed.
    • He pointed out that bad infrastructure in the region was among factors hampering trade relations.
    • Town-gown relations in York are among the best in the country and many locals are glad it is October again.
    • These are among the concerns shared by members in recent days.
    • She is among the most popular members of staff at the infant school.
    • There were few members of the general public among the students at that time.
    • These companies were among those to indicate lower earnings.
    • We'll count you among the participants in this next phase of the peace movement.
    • Certainly children seem to be among the most enthusiastic participants when clean-up efforts are called for.
    • He was the mushers' choice for best sportsman among the pack, and he professed to be unable to see why.
    • For the inauguration, they picked a student among the participants to inaugurate the seminar.
    • She will be among the participants in the swimming competitions.
    • The State Minister for the Environment was also seen among the participants.
    • She noted that lawyers have always been among the most avid participants in the survey.
  • 2

    (with each other)
    divide / share it among yourselves repártanselo entre ustedes
    • It was also indicated that the grant will be divided among the six participating institutions.
    • The king was growing old, and thought to divide his kingdom among his daughters.
    • Built for the use of one family, many are now divided among five to six families.
    • Divide your protein among five smaller meals per day, which also helps keep cravings at bay.
    • Intending to divide his kingdom among his daughters according to their affection for him, he bids them say which loves him most.
    • The kinetic missiles flew to their targets as one salvo, divided among five targets.
    • People make choices among magazines based on their tastes and their points of view.
    • With a fully-fit squad, the coach is obliged to make choices among his forwards.
    • It is from among the regular participants in this programme that the eight bikers-to-be were picked.
    • Why not divide the four fates amongst four different people, and make it fair?
    • The ecclesiastical fission has led to some tiny island villages being split religiously among as many as five different bodies.
    • That becomes just another datum assumed when choosing amongst alternative choices.
    • In fact, the only reason the Magic come up as the team of choice among free agents is because it has money to spend.
    • In 1999, the cadres in Hongshan village divided the public funds among themselves.
    • It certainly did not mean that this income is shared out equally amongst the population.