Translation of amorous in Spanish:


apasionado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæm(ə)rəs/ /ˈam(ə)rəs/


  • 1

    (look/mood) apasionado
    he started making amorous advances to her empezó a insinuársele
    • to get amorous ponerse demasiado cariñoso
    • No wonder that he can awaken amorous desires even in those who should know better.
    • Enchanted by the warmth of her smile, Brian suddenly felt confused by an unexpected rush of amorous desire.
    • US women who initially reject his amorous advances often have a change of heart when they run his name through a search engine.
    • Unsuspecting new boyfriends have found themselves on the receiving end of my amorous advances when we arrived at that song on the turntable.
    • Imagine how I'd tell you of my valiant attempts to fight off her amorous advances!
    • Thus, my amorous advances are met with one of those dreaded five phrases.
    • And no, there is no insurer who can protect you from the advances of amorous waiters or leather jacket salesmen.
    • As a woman, how do you reject a man who is amorous in his advances in a way that doesn't scar him for life.
    • If you've been dying to talk about a romantic outdoor interlude, amorous nature lovers can now rejoice.
    • Kate does not feel comfortable granting amorous affections in such a public place as a street.
    • Your off-duty mood will be quite amorous and passionate, so you are likely to make somebody quite happy.
    • The amorous Nightingale first came forward almost beside himself with passion.
    • Carefully blending amorous subtlety with a more solid and dense desire, the band sound solid and fluent on stage.
    • These works are considered as icons of amorous pursuits in an age of gallantry and the accompanying and complementary coquetry.
    • I think there would be a certain amount of consensus about that, even amongst the most quixotic and naturally amorous of us.
    • Together the trio brave flash floods, runaway trains, explosions, and attention by amorous bulls.
    • No, don't worry, I'm not about to argue that it's those with looks of glee on their faces and amorous suitors latched onto each arm.
    • I learned this from classmates bragging about their amorous conquests of the night before.
    • Firefighters were called to the rescue yesterday after hundreds of amorous frogs arrived at their mating pond to find it dried up.
    • He first turns her down stating that he had quit practice but later takes up the case as the young lovers reminded him of his amorous youth.
  • 2literary, archaic

    (in love)
    prendado literary