Translation of amphibian in Spanish:


anfibio, n.

Pronunciation /æmˈfɪbiən/ /amˈfɪbɪən/


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    anfibio masculine
    • Spadefoot toads are desert-dwelling amphibians that breed opportunistically in short lived pools filled by periodic rainfall.
    • Secondarily aquatic adult amphibians provide another source of diversity.
    • Among vertebrates, newts and other urodele amphibians show a remarkable capacity for regeneration.
    • Young amphibians, like the larval frog or tadpole pictured here, spend their early years in the water, breathing through gills in the side of their head in much the same way as fish do.
    • Many other types of animals - both amphibians and reptiles - shared the Triassic world.
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    avión anfibio masculine
    • It says no other road-legal amphibian has managed to exceed 6mph on water.
    • Unfortunately for them, in December of 1941 the company was also given the go-ahead to develop an amphibian.
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    anfibio masculine
    coche anfibio masculine
    amphibian tank tanque anfibio