Translation of amphitheater in Spanish:


anfiteatro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæmfəˌθiədər/ /ˈamfɪθiːətə/


(British amphitheatre)
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    anfiteatro masculine
    • The Colosseum was the greatest building in Ancient Rome but much smaller amphitheatres were built in Roman Britain and gladiatorial fights may have occurred in these.
    • Eventually there were well over 250 amphitheatres in the Roman empire - so it is no surprise that the amphitheatre and its associated shows are the quintessential symbols of Roman culture.
    • The elliptical amphitheatre could have seated between 4,500 and 9,000 spectators.
    • After Hardwar the valleys would occasionally widen into a great green opera of cultivation terraces, falling away like the tiers of a Greek amphitheatre into the convex bowl of the mountainside.
    • A life-size bronze arm of a Roman statue has been excavated from a rubbish-filled ditch or watercourse in the City of London, just south of the Roman amphitheatre.
    • Vomitoria - the term for entrances leading to the tiers of seats in a Roman amphitheatre - stand on either side of the stage.
    • These include a palisaded enclosure, a possible pagan temple, and what appears to be part of a Roman amphitheatre.
    • We saw ancient Greek temples, Roman amphitheatres and walled medieval cities.
    • Many Roman traditions and institutions also disappeared or simply became redundant in the process, not least the arenas and amphitheatres for the circuses and games once supported by the state and municipal authorities.
    • The main volume is based on a Greek amphitheatre with steeply raked seating that offers good sight and sound lines.
    • Its Roman amphitheatre seats 5,000 for concerts and the annual film festival.
    • Pompeii was a walled town with an amphitheatre, forum, basilica, several public baths, two theatres, and at least nine temples.
    • He saw thousands of spectators upon the natural terraces, a stage and entertainment similar to the grand amphitheatre at the Hollywood Bowl in the USA.
    • Fourth, look at the Romans' idea of a general get-together - those amphitheatres where you could enjoy watching animals being tormented and humans murdered.
    • Circuses have come a long way, since they gained popularity during the ancient Roman Empire, when amphitheatres were the only source of entertainment to citizens.
    • We Europeans lost our ancient theatre forms even though we have Greek and Roman texts and impressive amphitheatres.
    • He took part in gladiatorial contests and also fought wild beasts in the amphitheater.
    • Sources close to the consortium said that once approval is given by City Hall it would be necessary to raise a public subscription to fund the amphitheatre for the ring events.
    • What did disappear for good were those public spaces that had played such an important role in the civic life of a Roman city: forum, baths, circus, theatres, amphitheatres, and, above all, places of pagan cult.
    • Nearby is a vast Roman amphitheatre for gladiatorial conflicts, mock sea-battles, and the killing of wild animals captured in nearby Africa.
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    (lecture hall)
    anfiteatro masculine
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    anfiteatro masculine
    a natural amphitheater un anfiteatro natural