Translation of ample in Spanish:


amplio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæmpəl/ /ˈamp(ə)l/


  • 1

    (abundant, large)
    (space) amplio
    (funds/resources) abundante
    (helping) generoso
    to be in ample supply haber en abundancia
    • you had ample warning se te avisó con sobrada anticipación
    • there will be ample opportunity to ask questions later habrá abundantes / sobradas oportunidades para hacer preguntas luego
    • People who have a modest home with an ample garden will be able to accommodate this breed.
    • Boot space is not extensive but more ample than you'd expect.
    • Unfortunately, there was not enough toast to support the ample slice of foie gras.
    • The living room is provided with an ample couch, satellite TV, radio and CD-player, a table with chairs and two sofas that can serve as sleeping places.
    • We were sitting on an ample couch that occupied the back of the plane.
    • During my trip I stayed in a hotel two times, it's actually very nice to have the comfort of a room and bathroom to yourself and an ample bed to sleep in.
  • 2

    más que suficiente
    £10 should be ample 10 libras deberían ser más que suficientes
    • A landing between the ground and first floors is ample enough to be used as a study.
    • There were ample enough seats, considering that the table could seat thirty-six people.
    • He has maybe up to six options on most pass plays, enough to give him ample choices against most any defense.
    • This volume of rain should ensure penetration and saturation ample enough to provide some run-off.
    • A previously used football field sized A-site next to a small lake was ample enough to house all the vehicles.
    • Certainly it appears that there has been enough time and ample means for all plant genomes to become large.
    • Being close to the shore not only gives the fish an ample supply of food, but also gives them plenty of cover to hide from larger predators.
    • Further, maintaining an ample supply of foxes required at least a partial creation of their favoured habitat.
    • This is due mainly to the curving roof, which supplies ample headroom, but even legroom is OK.
    • There will be ample opportunity for discussion from the floor, and the meeting may last well into the evening.
    • It has been argued that our Constitution provides sufficient safeguards and ample protection for human rights.
    • In the midst of its first summer of operation, the pub has set up a sprawling outdoor eating area with ample seating and plenty of shade.
    • Surrounding the sprawling bar is an ample number of tables, providing enough seating for the busiest of summer nights.
    • Funnily enough, these always seem to be available in ample quantities.
    • For building material, the abundant forest provided ample raw stock.
    • I am satisfied that there was ample evidence to support the finding of guilt made by the trial judge.
    • The island of St Lucia was not yet settled by any European nation and had ample forest and rivers for fixing ships and taking on supplies.
    • Packing for vacation involves leaving ample space for the stash and supplies.
    • We have ample sunshine in Australia and 10 minutes outdoors is enough to sustain vitamin D levels.
    • Twenty minutes gave subjects ample time to interact but was not long enough for a loser to be determined.