Translation of amulet in Spanish:


amuleto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæmjələt/ /ˈamjʊlɪt/


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    amuleto masculine
    • Cameos and intaglios were often mounted as rings, worn as amulets or brooches, and sometimes even mounted on elaborate Gospel book covers or reliquaries.
    • Infants and small children often wear amulets and bracelets to protect them from supernatural forces.
    • Taboos are observed, and charms and amulets are used for protection.
    • Ornaments such as pendants, bead necklaces, and amulets are also known.
    • You may have spotted the little stalls on the street, which sell ‘strange’ red and white woollen bracelets, puppets and amulets.
    • You know some of those are amulets for your protection!
    • Lucky charms, amulets, and talismans have been found in virtually all civilizations throughout recorded history.
    • Sorcery was illegal, but there was widespread belief in its efficacy, for good or evil - amulets were worn to counteract it.
    • Wrestlers wore amulets to ward off evil spirits and black magic from their opponents.
    • Various Buddhist protection beads and amulets hang from the rearview mirror.
    • She shoved past a merchant selling amulets to ward against evil entities and demonic sprites.
    • It is thought to be an amulet invoking the protection of the god Woden.
    • It is common to wear an amulet or a charm as protection against its powers.
    • She took off an array of necklaces, charms, and amulets from her neck and began to rummage through them.
    • Cat figures also appeared on jewelry and amulets worn for the same purpose.
    • Her name and image are to be found on magical rings and amulets.
    • As she left in her borrowed car I smiled knowing my amulet would protect her until she took it off.
    • The necklace that I gave you is an amulet with the power to travel through time.
    • It was rather plain, except for a small amulet which hung from the metallic necklace.
    • It had no color, just a jewel my mother gave me but when I put the amulet around her neck she disappeared.